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10x10x6 Welded Wire Dog Kennel for Secure Pet Enclosure


Product Description:

Keep your dog safe and secure with our 10x10x6 welded wire dog kennel. This kennel comes with a tent-like cover on top to shield your puppy from the weather, offering cool shade during hot days. It's built from heavy-duty steel and rust-resistant wire, ensuring it lasts a long time. The wires are welded before the coating to avoid sharp edges. It includes a fully enclosed waterproof tarp cover with a steel roof frame to keep your dog protected from the sun, snow, or rain.

Setting up this kennel is quick and tool-free, thanks to pre-assembled panels and a gate that clamp together easily. The roof cover is UV-protected, keeping it looking new for longer. The kennel also has 1.5-inch raised legs for easy cleaning. You can simply hose out or sweep up any mess from the large dog kennel.

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Here are more details about our welded wire dog kennel 10x10x6:

  • It's a large outdoor kennel that gives your dog a secure place to play, with a swing-open door for easy access.

  • Made from strong materials, including metal wire, for safety, stability, and durability. It sets up with no hassle.

  • The Weatherguard cover is waterproof, so your pets stay dry and comfortable in snow, wind, and rain.

  • This kennel is good for both indoors and outdoors. It comes with plugs to protect indoor floors, and you can clean its surfaces with a damp cloth.

  • The size is 101.6 by 48 by 72.1 inches (LxWxH), and it weighs 119.1 pounds. Amazon Basics offers a 1-year limited warranty on it.

  • It's recommended for small, medium, and large dog breeds, weighing 13 to 110+ lbs.

This welded wire dog kennel 10x10x6 is an excellent choice for keeping your dog safe and comfortable while you're away.


Sizewelded wire dog kennel 10x10x6
MaterialGalvanized material (wire and tube)
FinishPowder coating
Mesh Size50mm*100mm
Wire Diameter3.2mm O.D
Frame32mm round tube
PackingPlastic film + metal pallet


  1. Our big dog kennel includes a pre-assembled door, making setup possible in under an hour.

  2. It's simple to put together with a quick-connect frame and clamps.

  3. The kennel has a galvanized coating for long-lasting durability and rust resistance.

  4. A lock design adds convenience and keeps your dog safe.

  5. There's plenty of space inside, making it a comfortable home for your dogs.

  6. A roof on top keeps your pets safe from bad weather and the hot sun.

Features of the Large 10x10x6 Welded Wire Dog Kennel:

  1. The welded wire dog kennel 10x10x6 is big but easy to set up in less than 30 minutes.

  2. It offers a permanent spot for your pet.

  3. It's ideal for larger dog breeds.

  4. Your dog can enjoy the open sky above.

  5. You can easily put it together with screws, and it's portable enough to move around.

  6. There are no sharp edges to harm your pet.

  7. It includes a highly secure lock for extra safety.

  8. The design focuses on your dog's safety, security, and comfort.

 10x10x6 Welded Wire Dog Kennel Benefits:

  1. Easy to assemble: This dog cage comes in several panels that you connect with butterfly clips, screws, and nuts. You don't need any other tools. You can have it ready in about 15 minutes.

  2. Durable: Made of galvanized wire and tubes and finished with a powder coating for lasting beauty and rust resistance.

  3. The lock design ensures both convenience and safety.

  4. Its spacious room offers a happy home for your dogs.

  5. The roof protects your pets from bad weather and the hot sun.

Why Choose Us:

  1. We've been making these for 15 years and have five years of experience in international sales.

  2. Our company performs strict quality checks.

  3. We offer competitive pricing to make sure you get a good deal.

  4. If anything goes wrong with the welded wire dog kennel 10x10x6 during its lifetime, we'll fix it in 10 days, give your money back, or replace the product for free.


The welded wire dog kennel measuring 10x10x6 is a high-quality, durable solution designed to keep your dogs safe and secure. Made from galvanized materials for both the wire mesh and the frame, and finished with a powder coating, this kennel is built to last and resist rust. It features a mesh size of 50mm*100mm with a wire diameter of 3.2mm, ensuring a secure enclosure. The kennel comes in black, providing a sleek look that blends well with outdoor environments. The structure is supported by a 32mm round tube frame, offering stability and strength. It is packaged with plastic film and a metal pallet for protection during shipping. This kennel is not only a spacious and comfortable home for your dogs but also easy to assemble, with customization options available for specific needs. It represents a practical investment for pet owners looking for a reliable outdoor dog kennel.

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