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358 Anti-Climb Fence-Enhance Security with 358 mesh


Product Description:

High-Security Wire Fence, also known as 358 Anti-Climb Fence, “Prison Mesh” or “358 security fence”, is a special fencing panel. “358” comes from its measurements 3”*0.5”*8 gauge, which is approx. 76.2mm*12.7mm*4mm in metric. The 358 Mesh Fencing, also known as High-security or Prison Mesh Fencing, is a professional and strong structure. It combines a steel framework that is either zinc-coated or covered in RAL color powder. This fencing system features both horizontal and vertical mesh wires placed very closely together. This design prevents people from putting their fingers through the gaps, making it impossible to climb.



our anti-climb high security 358 prison mesh fence is specified by the home office and used extensively throughout prisons, secure hospitals and other high-security applications. Anti-Climb, safety screening; Sub-station security, hospital security fencing, factory machine guards; Walkway security fencing; Airport security fencing; 358 wire mesh fence gates; shipping port security, etc. A high-security fence is the ultimate security fencing system. The high-security fencing system has been developed to make it more secure than ever. The system is designed to give attractive, long-lasting and secure perimeter protection for retail, industrial and commercial properties, schools, and public utilities; it is ideally suited for electronic alarm and detection systems - no blind spots for CCTV. Military, airports, secure units and prisons.

Specification 358 anti-climb fence

358 Anti-Climb Fence Specifications

358 FenceFence Height (m)Fence Height (mm)Fence Width (mm)Hole SizeWire Diameter (mm)Fence Posts (mm)Posts Length (m)No of Fixings
358 fence2.1m2134251512.7*76.2mm460603mm2.88
358 fence2.4m2438251512.7*76.2mm460603mm3.19
358 fence3.0m2997251512.7*76.2mm460603mm4.011

General Material and Process Information

  • Material: Low carbon steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire, Stainless steel wire

  • Process: Weaving and welding; Fence length 2m, 2.5m as standard

  • Height Options (m): 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.2m

  • Mesh Size (mm): 75mm x 12.5mm

  • Horizontal Wires (mm): 4mm x 12.5mm centers

  • Vertical Wires (mm): 4mm x 75mm centers

  • Post Centres (mm): 2.5mm


high-security fence, the close mesh means it is virtually impossible to climb. The close mesh also means that the fence is tough to cut with anything but power tools. The panels are covered by a continuous heavyweight clamp bar, which offers no place for leverage to prise it off. The system also has no removable fixings meaning that would-be intruders cannot remove panels. This system has good visibility and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits-358 Anti-Climb Fence/security fence

Protects against cut-through
Increased delay factor
Excellent visibility
Compliments CCTV


The 358 Anti-Climb Fence is a strong and secure barrier that's tough to climb over or cut through. It's made with high-quality steel wires and has small holes that make it hard for intruders to get a grip or use tools on it. This fence comes in various heights, from 2.1 meters to 3 meters, and all panels are 2515mm wide. It uses posts that are sturdy enough to hold the fence firmly in place. This fence is perfect for places that need high security, like airports, military areas, and other important sites. It's also designed to last a long time, with options for galvanizing or powder-coating to protect against rust and weather damage. Plus, it doesn't block the view much, so security cameras can still see what's happening on the other side.





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