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358 Anti-Climb Fence: The Ultimate Security Solution


Product Description:
358 anti-climb fence is also called a high-security wire fence, the ultimate heavy-duty welded mesh panel providing the highest degree of security with excellent see-through Visibility. 358 security fence has toe and finger proof profile. With a spacing specification of 75mm x 12.5mm, fingers and toes can't go through. Our 358 security fence is perfect as a guarded fence system because its entire thickness, anti-cutting materials, and framework are solid resistant and hard to uninstall. With our excellent anti-climb fence supply, clients can enjoy the most significant relaxation and secured protection from their inside.


The production process for 358 anti-climb fence panels and posts involves several detailed steps to ensure their durability and effectiveness in providing high-security fencing solutions. Here’s an expanded description of the process:

Panel Production:

  1. Start with Galvanized Wire: The process begins with galvanized wire, chosen for its resistance to rust and corrosion. This ensures the longevity of the fence.

  2. Cutting: The galvanized wire is then precisely cut to the required lengths, preparing it for the next stage.

  3. Welding: Using a full-automatic spot welding machine, the cut wires are carefully welded together. This machine ensures that every joint is consistently strong and the spacing between wires meets the strict specifications of the 358 anti-climb design.

  4. Powder Painting: After welding, the panels undergo a powder painting process. This not only enhances the fence's appearance but also adds an extra layer of protection against the elements, further increasing its durability.

Post Production:

We start making the posts with hot-dip galvanized (HDG) tubes because they resist rust really well. Just like we do with the panels, we cut these tubes to the exact lengths we need for the fence posts. This makes sure they fit perfectly when we install them. Then, we powder paint the cut posts. This step makes them look good with the panels and adds an extra layer of protection against the weather and rust.

By taking these careful steps, we make sure the 358 anti-climb fence panels and posts are very secure and durable. This careful process means we have a strong, long-lasting, and good-looking fence that's great for protecting important places.

Installation 358 anti-climb fence :

A(square post): multangular climbs +screw and nut
B(square post with metal lath): multangular climbs +metal lath+ screw and nut
C(H post): angle iron+climps+screw and nut


Suitable applications include ·Industrial / Commercial Sites ·Retail Complexes · Medical Facilities, ·Educational, · Recreational ·Farm Houses · Correctional Facilities, · Housing Estates, · Residential homes and estates.

The 358 anti-climb fence's design stops anyone from climbing over it. Every intersection of the panel wires gets welded, making it very secure. The tight mesh design makes it hard for anyone to break through with hand or power tools. Its high visibility also makes it perfect for pairing with CCTV cameras for monitoring. Bolt croppers can hardly cut through it, showing how tough it is. This fence is strong and can adjust to uneven ground during installation. It also uses tamper-resistant fasteners to enhance security.

Applications of the 358 anti-climb fence include protecting industrial areas, securing government buildings, fencing off utility infrastructures, safeguarding transportation hubs like airports and train stations, enclosing military sites, and providing perimeter security for schools and recreational fields. This fence is ideal for any place needing high-level security against intrusion.


Specification 358 anti-climb fence

Panel HeightPane WidthVertical WireHorizontal WirePosts SectionPost LengthNo of BendsNo. of Clamps
180025154.00mm3.15mm60 x 60 x2mm2400mm416
200025154.00mm3.15mm60 x 60 x 2mm2600mm416
 220025154.00mm3.15mm60 x 60 x 2mm2800mm416
240025154.00mm3.15mm60 x 60 x 2mm3000mm416
300022004.00mm3.15mm60 x 60 x 2mm3600mm520

Packing & Loading

  1. We put a layer of plastic film with tiny bubbles under the first panel. This stops the metal pallet from scratching it.

  2. We fix a metal plate at each corner of the panels. This keeps the panels together and stops them from moving.

  3. We place a plastic film between two fence panels. This stops them from rubbing against each other and getting damaged.

  4. We put a wood plate on top of the 358 anti-climb fence panels. This protects the last panel from any damage caused by the top pallet.



  1. Very Strong: This fence is made from hard steel, making it very tough against break-ins.

  2. Hard to Climb: The small holes in the fence make it really hard for anyone to get a good grip to climb.

  3. See Through: You can see through it easily, so you can watch what's happening on the other side.

  4. Lasts Long: It doesn't rust or wear out quickly, so it stays in good shape for a long time.

  5. Safe Against Cutters: The design makes it really hard for people to cut through it with tools.

  6. Works Well Anywhere: You can use it for homes, schools, or places that need extra security like prisons or airports.

  7. Easy to Set Up: It's straightforward to install this fence where you need it.

  8. Keeps Out Unwanted Visitors: It's very good at keeping people or animals from getting into places they shouldn't be.



The 358 anti-climb fence is a top choice for security because it's really tough to climb over or cut through. It works great for places that need to be kept safe, like jails, factories, and private areas. This fence is strong, lasts a long time, and doesn't need much care, making it a smart pick for keeping a place secure.





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