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358 Fence Panels: The Ultimate High-Security Fencing Solution


Product Description:

358 fence panels lead in high-security fencing with a design that stops anyone from climbing over or cutting through. We galvanize these panels after we make them. This step protects every welded spot from moisture, stopping rust before it can start. This method makes sure the panels are strong and last a long time. You can get them in wire thicknesses from 3.00mm to 6.00mm and tensile strengths from 500MPA to 625MPA. These panels meet tough standards, like the AS/NZS4534-2006 Class W10DZ, with a zinc coating of 260g/m2.

Applications and Benefits

358 fence panels are ideal for securing sensitive areas where high security is a priority:

  • Correctional Facilities: Prevent escapes with climb-resistant and cut-resistant barriers.

  • Utility Infrastructure: Protect substations, water treatment plants, and other critical infrastructure.

  • Commercial and Industrial Premises: Secure assets and premises from unauthorized access.

  • Public and Recreational Areas: Safeguard parks, schools, and sports facilities without obstructing views.

The benefits of using 358 fence panels include enhanced perimeter security, low maintenance, and long-lasting durability, making them a cost-effective solution for high-security needs.

Advantages 358 fence panels

  • Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut: Small mesh apertures leave no room for toe or finger holds and make cutting extremely difficult.

  • High Strength: Every intersection is welded for added strength.

  • Durability: Galvanized and coated with PVC powder for longevity.

  • Visibility: Designed to offer maximum visibility for surveillance and emergency systems.

Packing of Each Item 358 fence panels

  • Panels: Placed on pallets for damage prevention during transport.

  • Posts: Wrapped in plastic and bubble film for extra protection.

  • Custom Packing: Tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring safe delivery.




Specifications Table for 358 Fence Panels

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (H×W) mmFence Post (H×Size×Thick) mmClamp Bar (H×W×Thick) mmInterior or Corner Clamp No. (pcs)
2.02007×25152700×60×60×2.52007×60×5.007 or 14
2.42400×25153100×60×60×2.52400×60×5.009 or 18
3.02997×25153800×80×80×2.52997×80×6.0011 or 22
3.33302×25154200×80×80×2.53302×80×6.0012 or 24
3.63607×25154500×100×100×3.03607×100×7.0013 or 26
4.24204×25155200×100×100×4.04204×100×8.0015 or 30
4.54496×25155500×100×100×5.04496×100×8.0016 or 32
5.25207×25156200×120×120×5.05207×100×8.0018 or 36


358 fence panels stand out as the best choice for high-security fencing, giving top-notch protection against break-ins. Their build quality and the tough standards they meet make them perfect for places that need the strongest security. They are easy to install and hardly need any upkeep, offering lasting reliability and performance. This gives property owners and security staff a real sense of security.





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