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358 Fencing: Specifications, Applications, and Benefits


Product Description:

In the quest for high-security fencing solutions, 358 fencing emerges as a premier choice for protecting critical infrastructure and sensitive areas. Known for its robustness, climb-resistance, and visibility, 358 mesh fencing has been adopted globally for an array of high-security applications. This article delves into the essence of 358 fencing, exploring its specifications, applications, benefits, and the unique advantages it offers over traditional fencing solutions.

Specifications 358 fencing

Wire Diameter8 gauge (4 mm)
Mesh Opening3" x 0.5" (76.2x12.7mm)
Panel Height1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 3m, 4m, 5.2m
Panel Width2 - 3m
Post Size50x50mm, 60x60mm, 80x80mm, 100x100mm
Surface TreatmentHot-dipped galvanized, Powder-coated
Surface ColorGreen, Blue, Grey, etc.
PackingNude packing or in pallet

358 fencing Post specifications

Type of Fence PostPost Length OptionsPost Finishing Options
T-Post 100mm x 60mm1800mmHDG
T-Post 76mm x 40mm2100mmPre-galvanized
 Post 76mm x 76mm2400mmPowder-Coated



Applications and Benefits

358 fencing is engineered for areas requiring unparalleled security and surveillance. Its applications span across military bases, airports, prisons, industrial and commercial properties, schools, and public utilities. The mesh's design blocks intruders and supports alarm and detection systems, eliminating CCTV blind spots.


  • Impenetrable Barrier: The tight mesh size prevents climbing or cutting. It's a formidable obstacle for intruders.

  • Durability: High-quality materials ensure longevity. Galvanized or powder-coated finishes withstand environmental extremes.

  • Optimal Visibility: The 358 fencing's design allows clear visibility. Surveillance systems remain unobstructed.

  • Aesthetic Flexibility: It comes in various colors to match or contrast with the environment.

  • Tamper-Resistant: Its design has no removable fixings, preventing dismantling or damage by intruders."

  • Each sentence now conveys a single feature of the 358 fencing and is within the recommended word count, making them easier to read and understand.

Packing & Loading

  • 1> There is a piece of plastic film(with tiny bubbles); the first panel can be prevented from damaging the metal pallet

  • 2>Metal plate is fixed at each corner of the panels, keeping the panels together and immovable.

  • 3> there is a plastic film between two fence panels, which will prevent the friction and collision of each fence panel.

  • 4> The wood plate on the 358 anti-climb fence panels can prevent the last panel from being damaged by the top pallet

Conclusion 358 fencing

358 fencing meets today's security demands with its strong, versatile, and visible design. It's perfect for high-risk areas, giving confidence to those who protect important assets and people. You can use it around military bases, airports, and other highly secure areas. It offers top-notch protection and lasts a long time, making sure boundaries stay safe from threats





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