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358 High-Security Fence Panels: Durability and Protection


Product Description:


Our 358 High-Security Fence Panel is a top-tier security solution designed to protect the most sensitive areas. Made from heavy low carbon wire, mild steel, or stainless steel, these panels offer unbeatable durability and resistance to cutting. With wire diameters of 3.25mm and 4mm and mesh openings of 12.7x50.8mm or 12.7x76.2mm, they provide excellent visibility while preventing any unauthorized access. The fence comes in various heights, up to 5200mm, and is available with different coatings for corrosion resistance, including electric galvanizing, hot-dipped galvanizing, PVC spraying, and PVC coating.

358 High-Security Fence Panel:

MaterialsHeavy Low Carbon Wire, Heavy Mild Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire
Wire Diameter3.25mm, 4mm
Openings12.7x50.8mm, 12.7x76.2mm
Fence Height1800, 2000, 2400, 3000, 4000, 5200mm
CoatingElectric Galvanizing, Hot-dipped Galvanizing, PVC Spraying, PVC Coating
Post OptionsVarious gauge and shape available
Standard ColorsGreen RAL6005, Black RAL9005 (other colors available on request)

Panel and Post Details

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width, mm)Post Section (mm)Overall Length (mm)Total Number of FixingsFixings (Inters/Corners)
2.02007 x 251560x60x2.5mm27007/141 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
2.42400 x 251560x60x2.5mm31009/181 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
3.02997 x 251580x80x2.5mm380011/221 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
3.33302 x 251580x80x2.5mm420012/241 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
3.63607 x 2515100x60x3mm4500131 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
3.63607 x 2515100x100x3mm4500261 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
4.24204 x 2515100x100x4mm520015/301 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
4.54496 x 2515100x100x5mm550016/321 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars
5.25207 x 2515120x120x5mm620018/361 Clamp bar/2 Clamp bars

Key Features

  • Tough Materials: Heavy low carbon wire, mild steel, stainless steel for maximum durability.

  • Anti-Cut Design: Mesh design makes it nearly impossible to cut through.

  • Visibility: Offers good visibility, ensuring security without sacrificing surveillance.

  • Corrosion Resistant: Multiple coating options for long-lasting protection.

  • Customizable: Available in a range of heights and colors, including standard Green RAL6005 and Black RAL9005.

Target 358 High-Security Fence Panels

This fence is perfect for government facilities, military sites, power stations, oil fields, and other high-security locations across Africa, looking for the highest level of perimeter protection.

Marketing Angles

  1. Impenetrable Security: Emphasize the anti-cut and high-visibility features for sites that cannot afford breaches.

  2. Long-Lasting Investment: Highlight the durable materials and coating options that ensure a long lifespan with minimal maintenance.

  3. Customizable for Your Needs: Focus on the range of heights and color options to meet specific security and aesthetic requirements.

  4. Trust in Quality: Assure potential customers of the superior quality and reliability of the fencing solution.

Call to Action 358 High-Security Fence Panels

Don't compromise on security! Elevate your site's defense with our 358 High-Security Fence Panels. Contact us now for a secure, long-lasting perimeter solution tailored to your needs.

Applications and Benefits

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for protecting critical infrastructure, including airports, oil fields, and government buildings.

  • Enhanced Security: Provides peace of mind with its anti-climb and anti-cut features.

  • Durability: Resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring a secure investment for years.

  • Aesthetics: Offers a neat appearance with customizable color options, blending security with style.


Our 358 High-Security Fence Panels are the ultimate choice for high-risk areas in need of uncompromising protection. With their robust construction, customizable options, and unmatched security features, they provide a reliable barrier against any potential threats. Ideal for a wide range of applications across Africa, these panels ensure that your assets remain protected while maintaining a professional look. Make the smart choice for your security needs and invest in our high-security fence panels today.





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