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358 Mesh Fence Factory: The Ultimate High Security Fencing


Product Description:
We are 358 mesh fence factory. The 358 anti-climb fence is really hard to get through because the tiny spaces in the mesh are too small for fingers and tough to break with regular tools. The name "358" comes from its size: 3 inches by 0.5 inches with an 8-gauge wire, which is about 76.2mm by 12.7mm by 4mm in metric measurements.


As a 358 mesh fence factory, we sell these mesh fencing panels at a low price. The mesh size is 3"x 0.5" with an 8 gauge wire, known as the 358 fence or anti-climb fence. This system is perfect for places where security is very important and is used all over the world for different purposes. People consider it the toughest fence to get through because it's excellent at stopping people from climbing over or cutting through it.

Here's where you can use our 358 mesh fence:

  1. Industrial and commercial areas

  2. Airports, railways, schools, and local government places

  3. Public services, military areas

  4. High-security places like secure units and prisons

Our 358 mesh fences are great for keeping places safe and secure.


Packaging from 358 mesh fence factory

As a 358 mesh fence factory, we have a lot of experience in making and packing these 358 fence panels so they are in great condition.

  1. For fence panels, we offer two options:

    • First, we can ship them in bulk.

    • Second, we wrap them in plastic film and place them on a metal or wooden pallet.

  2. For fence posts, we pack them in a plastic bag and then put them on a metal or wooden pallet. We also install a rainhat on each post before shipping.

  3. For fence accessories like clips and screws, we pack them in a plastic bag and then put them in a carton box.


Advantages of 358 mesh fence buy from the factory:

1. Anti-Climb
2. Protects against cut-through
3. Excellent visibility
4. Quick and simple installation
5. High cost-effective
6. Low maintenance costs

358 Anti-Climb mesh fence Features:


  • Anti-climbing: more small openings, no toe or finger holds.

  • Anti-cut: robust Wire aWireelded joints make cutting very difficult by bolt cutters and wire cutters.

  • High strength welded at each intersection.

  • Durable: covering Galvan and polymer powder coating ensure long service life.

  • Mesh fencing is specially configured to provide maximum visibility, primarily used for emergency and electronic detection systems.

Anti-Climb Fence Panels Specification

Anti-climb fence panels are made of heavy mesh with a high level of security in width 2515mm and a height of 2007mm to 3302mm. Several panels can be installed on top of each other. This may be achieved with a total height of 6300mm.
358 mesh anti-climb fence panel size
  • Mesh pattern: 76.2mm (3") × 12.7mm (0.5") resistance welded well at each intersection

  • Wire diameter: 4mm horizontal Wire and vertical Wire.

  • Weld strength: range 540-690 N/m2

  • Surface treatment: 358 mesh fence panels made from Galvan Wire, PVC powder coating (Min. 100 microns), or PVC powder painting. It provides additional protection and increases the potential life span.

  • Colours: Green RAL 6005, or Black RAL 9005.

  • Installation: Overlapped 75mm minimum at each post (shown as the two following pictures below) for securing with slotted clamp bars and M8 diameter bolts.



Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height × Width)Fence Post (Height × Size × Thick)Clamp Bar (Height × Width × Thick)Inter or Corner Clamp No (PCS)
2.02007mm × 2515mm2700mm × 60×60×2.5mm2007mm × 60mm × 5.00mm7 or 14
2.42400mm × 2515mm3100mm × 60×60×2.5mm2400mm × 60mm × 5.00mm9 or 18
3.02997mm × 2515mm3800mm × 80×80×2.5mm2997mm × 80mm × 6.00mm11 or 22
3.33302mm × 2515mm4200mm × 80×80×2.5mm3302mm × 80mm × 6.00mm12 or 24
3.63607mm × 2515mm4500mm × 100×60×3.0mm3607mm × 100mm × 7.00mm13 or 26
3.63607mm × 2515mm4500mm × 100×100×3.0mm3607mm × 100mm × 7.00mm13 or 26
4.24204mm × 2515mm5200mm × 100×100×4.0mm4204mm × 100mm × 8.00mm15 or 30
4.54496mm × 2515mm5500mm × 100×100×5.0mm4496mm × 100mm × 8.00mm16 or 32
5.25207mm × 2515mm6200mm × 120×120×5.0mm5207mm × 100mm × 8.00mm18 or 36


As a reliable 358 mesh fence factory, we provide several optional 358 prison mesh fencing post such as

  • 1. square post: 40*60mm;60*60mm;60*80mm,80*100mm80*120mm

  • 2. Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, powder painting

  • 3. Anti-climb fence colour: Green, blue, black, white, yellow, red



The 358 mesh fence factory specializes in producing highly secure and durable fencing solutions. The 358 mesh fence, known for its tight weave and small openings, makes it extremely difficult to climb or cut through, offering top-notch security. With options available in various heights and specifications, including added protection features like cap channels and secure stacking legs, these fences are ideal for areas requiring high security. The factory's ability to customize, including options for colors, feet, and wire mesh sizes, ensures that each fence can meet specific needs. Whether for industrial areas, high-security locations, or public spaces, the 358 mesh fence from this factory stands out for its strength, longevity, and resistance to corrosion, making it a trusted choice for effective perimeter protection.





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