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358 Mesh Fence: The Perfect Barrier for Perimeters


Product Description:

The 358 mesh fence is the ultimate security fencing system for protecting perimeters,The 358 mesh fence is great for stopping people from climbing over or cutting through it, making it a strong barrier. This fence is made by welding together high-quality carbon steel wire into panels. While its main purpose is for security, it also gives you a bit of privacy.. It's especially good for security because it's tough to cut through or climb over and lets security cameras see through clearly.

Specifications 358 mesh fence

The design of the 358 mesh fence includes a mesh opening of 12.7x76.2mm (0.5'' x 3'') and wire diameters of 3, 3.5, or 4mm. Panels can be from 1.2 to 6 meters high and 2.0 to 3.1 meters wide. You can choose between different types of posts, including square and rectangular shapes, with various dimensions.

The fence comes with different surface treatments like hot-dipped galvanized, galvanized plus powder coated, or galvanized plus PVC coating. You can choose from colors like RAL 6005 green, RAL 7016 grey, or any custom RAL colors.

Mesh Opening12.7x76.2mm (0.5'' x 3'')
Wire Diameter3/3.5/4mm
Panel Height1.2-6m
Panel Width2.0-3.1m
Post TypeSquare Post (SHS): 60x60x2.0/2.5/3.0mm, 80x80x2.0/2.5/3.0mm

Rectangular Post (RHS): 40x60x2.0/2.5/3.0mm, 40x80x2.0/2.5/3.0mm, 60x80x2.0/2.5/3.0mm, 80x100x2.0/2.5/3.0mm
Surface TreatmentHot-dipped galvanized, Galvanized + Powder coated, Galvanized + PVC coating
ColourRAL 6005 green, RAL 7016 grey, All RAL colours can be customized

358 mesh fence Features:

The 358 fence stands out as the toughest mesh security fence to breach. It's excellent at preventing climbing and cutting:

  1. Anti-climbing - The mesh is too tight for fingers and toes, making it hard to climb.

  2. Anti-cutting - The wires are thick and closely spaced, so cutting tools won't work.

  3. Looks good - The mesh is smooth and offers a clear view through it.


We pack the 358 mesh fence carefully to make sure it arrives in perfect condition. The packing includes:

  1. A rubber mat under the fence pallet to prevent damage to the panels.

  2. Four metal corners to strengthen the pallet.

  3. A metal plate under the straps to lessen the pressure on the fence panels.

  4. A wooden plate sits on top of the fence panel pile to protect the panels from getting squashed by other pallets.



The 358 mesh fence stands out as the top choice for security fencing. Its design prevents climbing and cutting, making it almost impossible for intruders to breach. With options for different heights, widths, and post types, it can fit any security need. The fence also looks good, offering clear visibility from both sides. It comes with a durable finish that fights off rust, and you can pick from a variety of colors to match your setting. When it comes to packing, the fence panels get top-notch protection to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. If the standard options don't meet your needs, you can customize the fence to your exact specifications. In short, for securing a property, the 358 mesh fence is hard to beat.





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