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358 Mesh Fencing Panels: Solution for Secure Boundaries


Product Description:

358 mesh fencing panels offer a high-security barrier that combines strength and visibility. Known for their closely spaced apertures and robust wire diameter, they present a formidable challenge to intruders. The design of 358 mesh makes it incredibly difficult to scale and penetrate, providing a trusted solution for secure perimeters.

Applications and Benefits 358 mesh fencing panels

358 mesh fencing is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings:

  • Industrial Sites: Protecting assets and boundaries against unauthorized entry.

  • Public Areas: Ensuring the safety of parks, schools, and sports facilities.

  • Infrastructure: Securing airports, railways, and utility buildings.

  • Commercial Premises: Guarding retail spaces and office buildings.

The benefits of using 358 mesh fencing include:

  • Security: Its tight pattern and strong wires deter climbing and cutting.

  • Visibility: Offers clear sight lines for surveillance while maintaining security.

  • Durability: Long-lasting with minimal maintenance required over time.


  • Stability: 358 mesh panels are rigid and offer low wind resistance, making them stable enough for use with electronic alarms and in areas where tension on end anchors isn't possible.

  • Visibility: The mesh allows for clear visibility even at angles, facilitating camera surveillance.

  • Durability: Designed for a long lifespan with low upkeep, providing lasting protection.

358 Mesh Fencing Panels Specifications

Panel Dimensions (WxH mm)Mesh Configuration (WxH mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Approx Panel Weight (kg)Pallet QuantitiesGalvanised Wire PanelsGalfan Coated Wire Panels
2515 x 120776.2 x 12.73.9527.250YesYes
2515 x 127076.2 x 12.73.9528.650YesYes
2515 x 182976.2 x 12.73.9541.125YesYes
2515 x 213476.2 x 12.73.9547.825YesYes
2515 x 243876.2 x 12.73.9554.625YesYes
2515 x 270576.2 x 12.73.9560.625YesYes
2515 x 299776.2 x 12.73.9567.120YesYes
2515 x 330276.2 x 12.73.9573.920NoYes
2515 x 420476.2 x 12.73.9594.015NoYes
2515 x 520776.2 x 12.73.95116.410NoYes

(Note: The table is truncated to display a sample format. All specified details can be filled in accordingly.)

Panel Finish Options

  • Standard Galvanised: Wire finish for corrosion resistance.

  • Galfan Coated: A superior Zn/Al alloy for enhanced protection.

  • Triple Coat Anti-Corrosion: For long-lasting resilience against weathering.

358 mesh fencing panels offer an ideal blend of security, visibility, and durability, making them a strategic choice for protecting critical assets and boundaries.

Conclusion 358 mesh fencing panels

358 mesh fencing panels stand out as a premier choice for security fencing solutions, providing unmatched durability and visibility. They cater to a wide range of applications and maintain their integrity under diverse conditions, reinforcing their status as a leader in high-security fencing.





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