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358 No Climb Fence Panels: What You Need To Know

Model NO.: 358 No Climb Fence Panels
Product Name: Weld Mesh 358 Anti Climb Steel Fence
Fence Height: 1830mm, 2130mm, 2440mm, 2740mm
Fence Width: 2740mm, 2130mm, 2900mm
Mesh Size: 76.2X12.7mm, 75X12.5mm
Wire Dia: 3mm, 4mm, 5.6mm
Fence Fitting: Flat Bar, Shear off Nut, Washer, Post Cap
Fence Extension: Razor Wire, Barbed Wire, Single or Double Y Arm
Fence Finish: Pre Galvanized+Polyester Powder Coated
Fence Standard: BS1722-14, En10244-2, ISO1461, En13438
Transport Package: Steel Pallet

Product Description:

The name "358 no climb fence panels" comes from their design: they have 3-inch by 0.5-inch openings and use 8 gauge wire. This is about 76.2mm by 12.7mm with a 4mm wire thickness in metric measurements. These fences are very tough to get through. The small openings in the mesh stop people from putting their fingers through and make it hard to cut with normal hand tools. This is why many people see the 358 fences as one of the strongest barriers. Climbing over them is almost impossible, which is why they're known as security or high-strength fencing. You can also bend these fence panels to make them look better.

The 3510 Security Fencing is similar to the 358 no climb fence panels but has a big advantage: it's lighter. It uses 3mm wire instead of 4mm, which makes it easier to see through and suitable for more purposes. Because it's lighter and cheaper, it's great for commercial needs.

Details about the 358 no climb fence panels:

358 no climb fence panels are high-security fences with a mesh size of 12.7mm by 76.20mm. The horizontal wire is 3mm thick, and the vertical wire is 4.00mm thick, all hot dipped galvanized for extra protection.

low carbon steel wire; hot-dip galvanised wire, PVC coated wire
Surface treatment
The wire fence has rich colours: Green RAL6005, Black RAL9005, Blue, Grey,
Brown, Yellow and other colours as your request
The wire fence has rich colours: Green RAL6005, Black RAL9005, Blue, Grey,
Brown, Yellow and other colours as your request

The 358 no climb fence panels are tough fences that keep people out. They have tiny gaps that make it impossible to climb or cut through. Here are how people use them and what makes them so good:


  • Protecting places: They're great for keeping safe places like airports, military bases, and prisons.

  • Around buildings: Schools, hospitals, and offices use them to stay safe.

  • Private areas: They keep homes and private lands safe from unwanted visitors.

  • Public safety: You'll see them around dangerous places or construction sites to keep people safe.

  • Events: They help control crowds at big events.

358 no climb fence panels Benefits:

  • Super safe: Because they're so hard to climb or cut, they make places very secure.

  • See through: You can see through them well, so security people can spot any trouble.

  • Lasts a long time: They don't rust easily, so they last a long time without needing much care.

  • Looks good: You can shape them to look nice in different places.

  • Cost-effective: The lighter version, 3510 fencing, is cheaper and still offers good security, making it great for businesses.

Table 1: 358 Fence Panels and Posts Specifications

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width, mm)Post Section (mm)O/A Length (mm)Fixings: Inters - 1 Clamp BarFixings: Corners - 2 Clamp Bars
2.02007 x 251560x60x2.52700714
2.42400 x 251560x60x2.53100918
3.02997 x 251580x80x2.538001122
3.33302 x 251580x80x2.542001224
3.63607 x 2515100x60x345001324
3.63607 x 2515100x100x345001426

Table 2: Additional 358 No Climb Fence Panels and Posts

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width, mm)Post Section (mm)O/A Length (mm)Fixings: Inters - 1 Clamp BarFixings: Corners - 2 Clamp Bars
4.24204 x 2515100x100x452001530
4.54496 x 2515100x100x555001632
5.25207 x 2515120x120x562001836


The conclusion about using 358 no climb fence panels is straightforward. These panels are highly effective for security because of their design, which makes it very difficult for people to climb over. They are constructed with small mesh openings that prevent climbers from getting a good grip, which greatly enhances security in sensitive areas. Additionally, these fence panels are durable and require low maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for long-term use. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial sites, airports, and high-security locations. Overall, the use of 358 no climb fence panels is a reliable and efficient way to protect a property and keep unauthorized individuals out.





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