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358 Prison Mesh Fencing: Ultimate Security with a Clear View


Product Description:

People call 358 prison mesh fencing the clear view fence or Anti-climb fence. It's the top choice for security because you can see through it clearly while it stops anyone from climbing over or cutting through. The design is so tight that even adult fingers and toes can't get through the 75mm x 12.5mm gaps. Made with thick, anti-cut materials, this fence is very strong and tough to take apart. The price of a standard panel, measuring 2007mm by 2515mm, ranges from $76 to $102 each. Prices can vary based on the steel price, mesh size, wire diameter, and how many you order.


Making 358 Prison Mesh Fencing

The process starts with the material, then moves to straightening and cutting the wire, welding it, dipping it in hot galvanize, sanding it down, and finally coating it with PVC or painting it with powder.

358 Mesh Fence Specifications

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (H×W mm)Fence Post (H×Size×Thick mm)Clamp Bar (H×W×Thick mm)Interior or Corner Clamp No. (PCS)
2.02007×25152700×60×60×2.52007×60×5.007 or 14
2.42400×25153100×60×60×2.52400×60×5.009 or 18
3.02997×25153800×80×80×2.52997×80×6.0011 or 22
3.33302×25154200×80×80×2.53302×80×6.0012 or 24
3.63607×25154500×100×100×3.03607×100×7.0013 or 26
3.63607×25154500×100×100×3.03607×100×7.0013 or 26
4.24204×25155200×100×100×4.04204×100×8.0015 or 30
4.54496×25155500×100×100×5.04496×100×8.0016 or 32
5.25207×25156200×120×120×5.05207×100×8.0018 or 36

Post Options

  • Square Post: Sizes include 40x60mm, 60x60mm, 60x80mm, 80x100mm, and 80x120mm.

  • Surface Treatment: Options are hot-dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, and powder painting.

  • Colors: Available in green, blue, black, white, yellow, and red.

(Note: The table is truncated for brevity. Fill in all details as needed.)

Post Options

For 358 prison mesh fencing, you can choose from several post types:

  1. Square post sizes like 40x60mm, 60x60mm, and up to 80*120mm.

  2. They come hot dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, or powder painted.

  3. You can pick colors like green, blue, black, white, yellow, or red.



With its excellent visibility, 358 fencing is perfect for places needing high security like businesses, government areas, industrial sites, schools, parks, and residential areas.

Features 358 prison mesh fencing

  • Anti-climb: The small holes make climbing almost impossible.

  • Anti-cut: Regular tools can't cut through the wire, and it's resistant to wear.

  • Clear view: Great for security cameras and patrols to see through easily.

Getting a Quote

If you're looking for a quote on 358 prison mesh fencing prices, just contact us. We offer free 3D design drawings and quotes within 30 minutes.





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