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358 Security Fence: Optimal Security Solutions


Product Description:

The 358 security fence is a special design made for the best security. It has a "C" Post with Flat Bar which makes it easy to install and very secure. This system comes with panel mesh, posts, and accessories. Workers weld the panel mesh with galvanized wire following EN10244 standards. They shape the post from galvanized coils based on EN10346 standards, and they use strong stainless steel 304 for all bolts and nuts.

Specifications 358 security fence

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (H×W) mmMesh SizeWire DiameterPost SizePost Height (mm)Coating
2.02007×251576.2mm×12.7mm4mm60×60×2.5mm2700Galvanized wire (240g/m²)
2.42400×251576.2mm×12.7mm4mm60×60×2.5mm3100Galvanized wire
3.02997×251576.2mm×12.7mm4mm80×80×2.5mm3800Galvanized wire
3.33302×251576.2mm×12.7mm4mm80×80×2.5mm4200Galvanized wire
3.63607×251576.2mm×12.7mm4mm100×60×3mm / 100×100×3mm4500Galvanized wire
  • Wire Coating: Zinc Aluminium coating to AS/NZS4534 Class W10DZ.

  • Tensile Strength: Ultimate Tensile Strength 500-625 MPA, Average Tensile Strength 560 MPA.

  • Weld Shear Strength: Exceeds requirements specified in AS2423-2002.

  • Standard Compliance: Galvanized compliance with AS/NZS4680-2006, Reference standards include BS1722-14, ISO1461, EN13438, EN10436.

  • Surface Treatment: We powder-coat the panels and posts with Akzo Nobel- Interpon 600 series powder. They pass tests of 500H-1000H in salty spray, meeting ISO9227 standards.

Applications and Benefits 

The 358 security fence is ideal for areas requiring the highest level of security, such as military bases, airports, industrial sites, and prisons. Its design prevents climbing and cutting, making it nearly impossible for intruders to breach.


  • Maximum Visibility and Protection: The 76.2x12.7 mm mesh size ensures good visibility through the fence while preventing climbing.

  • Rigid Structure: The perfect steel structure makes it anti-cut and suitable for any security requirement.

  • Ease of Installation: You can easily install the 358 security fence system. It offers options to bury it in the ground or attach it with flanges.

  • Versatility: It's suitable for both flat and sloped ground installations, ensuring flexibility across different terrains.

  • Durability: High-standard welding and finish treatments, including an international brand of polyester or hot-dip galvanized, guarantee a long lifespan.

Packing of Each Item

Each component of the 358 security fence is carefully packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready for easy installation.

Conclusion 358 security fence

The 358 security fence system is a top tier security solution that combines ease of installation with uncompromising strength and durability. Its design caters to the most demanding security needs, making it the preferred choice for protecting high-risk areas. With its robust structure, versatile installation options, and long-lasting materials, the 358 fence is an investment in peace of mind and safety.





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