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358 Security Wire Mesh Fence Understanding the Benefits


Product Description:
We are the professional manufacturer of 358 security wire mesh fence for Commercial, Industrial & Fencing Fields. The high-security fence is called Securamesh, 358 security wire mesh fence and prison fence. 358 welded wire mesh provides that extra protection required for commercial and industrial properties at risk of intruders. They are challenging to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. Additions to this type of fence could include adding razor wire, barbed wire or 358 mesh gates for immeasurable protection and Weld strength-75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire; Tensile range 540-690 N/m2





358 security wire mesh fence combine with the advantage of anti-climb and anti-cut and many different advantages list as follows

  • Anti-climb: More small openings, no toe or finger holds.

  • Anti-cut: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult.

  • Better visibility: Flat, two-dimensional profile, easier to see through than chain link.

  • High strength: The superior welding technique and process control create a more robust fusion between the wires.

358 security wire mesh fence is tough to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools.358 fences stand out as one of the toughest barriers to breach because climbing them is difficult. People often refer to them as security fencing or high-strength fencing. You can bend the 358 security fencing panel to improve its look and add to its aesthetic appeal.


Specification 358 welded wire mesh fence

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width) mmPost Size (Length x Width x Thickness) mmPost Height (mm)Total Number of Fixings (Inters- 1 clamp)Total Number of Fixings (Corners-2 clamps)
2.02007 x 251560x60x2.5mm2700714
2.42400 x 251560x60x2.5mm3100918
3.02400 x 251580x80x2.5mm38001122
3.32997 x 251580x80x2.5mm42001224
3.63302 x 2515100x60x3mm45001326
3.63607 x 2515100x100x3mm45001326
4.24204 x 2515100x100x4mm52001530
4.54496 x 2515100x100x5mm55001632
5.25207 x 2515120x120x5mm62001836


The 358 fence is perfect for protecting places like bridges from climbers and keeping areas safe. It works well for:

  • Keeping electric stations secure

  • Surrounding psychiatric hospitals for safety

  • Fencing around prisons

  • Guarding machines in factories

  • Safety along walkways

  • Protecting airports

  • Making secure gates for 358 wire mesh fences

  • Fencing for shipping ports and electric substations

  • Securing water treatment plants

  • Fencing off gas pipelines

  • Creating secure window grilles and balustrade fences


The 358 security wire mesh fence is a great choice for making places secure. It's very strong and durable, making it tough for anyone to climb over or cut through. You can see through it easily, which helps watch over the area. It's perfect for lots of places, including airports, schools, and high-security areas like prisons. It's also easy to install and doesn't need much maintenance to keep it looking good. If you need a fence that offers solid and dependable protection, this fence is one of the best options out there.





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