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358 Welded Wire Mesh Fence: Security Reimagined


Product Description:

The 358 welded wire mesh fence, known worldwide as a top-notch anti-climb and anti-cut barrier, uses high-quality carbon steel wires. Its design aims to provide attractive, durable, and secure perimeter protection for industrial, commercial properties, public utilities, and it's perfect for electronic alarm and detection systems with no blind spots for CCTV. This fence is an excellent option for military bases, airports, secure units, and prisons because of its robust security features.

Details: People often refer to the 358 welded wire mesh fence as a clear view fence because it offers the best security level with outstanding see-through visibility. The fence's design is toe and finger-proof, making it extremely difficult for adults to climb with its 75mm x 12.5mm spacing. The fence stands out for its unique thickness and anti-cutting materials, ensuring the frames are very strong. It comes galvanized for extra resistance against climbing attempts.


  1. Anti-climb: The small holes, measuring 75mm x 12.5mm, make climbing the fence almost impossible.

  2. Anti-cut: Ordinary tools cannot cut through the wire, and it resists wear and tear.

  3. Clear view: The design makes it easy for CCTV cameras and security teams to monitor the area clearly.

 Fence Specifications:

Product ReferenceHeight (mm)Width (mm)V(mm)H(mm)Wire Thickness (mm)
Anti climb-90090024007512.5/254
Anti climb-1200120024007512.5/254
Anti climb-1500150024007512.5/254
Anti climb-1800180024007512.5/254
Anti climb-2100210024007512.5/254
Anti climb-2400240024007512.5/254
Anti climb-2700-270024007512.5/254
Anti climb-3000300024007512.5/254
Anti climb-3300330024007512.5/254
Anti climb-3600360024007512.5/254

Post Specifications:

Post SpecificationThickness (mm)

The 358 welded wire mesh fence works great for many places because of its strong design that stops people from climbing over or cutting through it. Here's where it fits best:

  1. Businesses and Government Buildings: It keeps these places safe by stopping unwanted entries.

  2. Industrial Areas: Protects equipment and goods from theft or damage.

  3. Airports: Secures runways and sensitive areas from unauthorized access.

  4. Military Bases: Keeps the base safe by controlling who can get in and out.

  5. Schools and Educational Facilities: Provides a safe environment for students and staff.

  6. Hospitals: Keeps patients and hospital property secure.

  7. Power Plants: Protects important energy infrastructure from trespassers.

  8. Luxury Housing Estates: Offers privacy and security for residents.

  9. Apartment Complexes and Condominiums: Helps manage who can enter the property, ensuring resident safety.

  10. Warehouses: Guards stored items against theft or damage.

  11. Residential Areas: Gives families peace of mind by making their homes more secure.

The production process of the 358 welded wire mesh fence involves several key steps, ensuring the final product is strong, durable, and meets the highest quality standards. Here's a simplified overview of the process:

  1. Material Selection: The process begins with selecting high-quality materials. This ensures the fence is strong and durable.

  2. Straightening and Cutting Wire: The selected wire is then straightened and cut to the precise lengths needed for the fence.

  3. Welding: Next, the wires are welded together to form the tight, secure mesh pattern characteristic of the 358 fence. This mesh is hard to climb and cut through.

  4. Hot Dipped Galvanizing: After welding, the mesh undergoes a hot dipped galvanizing process. This coats the fence in a layer of zinc, protecting it against rust and corrosion.

  5. Sanding: The galvanized fence is then sanded to smooth out any rough edges and to prepare the surface for further coating.

  6. PVC Coating or Powder Painting: Finally, the fence is either PVC coated or powder painted. This not only adds another layer of protection against the elements but also provides the fence with its final color and finish.


The production facility has the capacity to produce up to 7000 pieces of 358 welded wire mesh fence per month. This high production capability ensures that they can meet the demand for their fences efficiently and effectively.

For packaging and shipping the 358 welded wire mesh fence, we follow a detailed process to ensure everything reaches you safely and in perfect condition:
  1. Panel Packaging:

    • We first place the panels on a metal pallet.

    • We then cover them with a cardboard plate for added protection.

    • Lastly, we wrap the entire pallet with plastic film to secure it during transport.

  2. Post Packaging:

    • We wrap the posts with PP (polypropylene) bags to protect them from scratches and dents.

    • We place these wrapped posts on a pallet.

    • We wrap the pallet with plastic film to keep everything in place.

  3. Accessories Packaging:

    • We pack the clips and nuts needed for installation in sets.

    • Each set includes the clips and nuts, and we load 5 sets into one plastic bag.

    • We then place 12 bags into one carton box for easy handling and shipping.

  4. Customized Packing:

    • We also offer customized packing options to meet any specific requirements you might have.


The 358 welded wire mesh fence stands out as a top choice for enhancing security across various settings. With its unbeatable strength and visibility, it's perfect for places needing high-level protection like military bases, airports, industrial areas, and residential properties. Its design makes climbing or cutting through very difficult, offering peace of mind to those behind it. Plus, the production and packaging process ensures each piece arrives in excellent condition, ready for quick installation. This fence not only secures a perimeter but also lasts long, making it a smart investment for anyone looking to safeguard their property.





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