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358 Welded Wire Mesh Fence The Ultimate Guide


Product Description:

We are your go-to experts for the 358 welded wire mesh fence, designed specifically for commercial, industrial, and security fencing needs. Known by names like Securamesh, 358 anti-climb fence, and prison fence, our high-security fencing offers unmatched protection for properties vulnerable to intrusions. Thanks to its small mesh aperture, the 358 fence is incredibly difficult to climb or cut through, making it a top choice for those in need of extra security.


Wire Diameter3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm
Mesh Size25x75mm, 12.5x75mm, 12.6x76.2mm
Width2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2500mm
Height1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm
Post Height1500mm, 1700mm, 2000mm, 2300mm, 2500mm, 2600mm, 2900mm, 3200mm, 3500mm
Post TypeSquare Fence Post 60x60x2-2.5mm, 80x80x2.0-3.0mm
Surface TreatmentElectric galvanized then powder coating, Hot-dip galvanized

Applications and Benefits 358 welded wire mesh fence

The 358 welded wire mesh fence offers top-notch security across a wide range of applications where it's most needed:

  • Bridge anti-climb guarding and safety screening

  • Sub-station and factory machine guard security

  • Security fencing for psychiatric hospitals and prisons

  • Walkway, airport, and shipping port security fencing

  • Security for electrical substations, water treatment works, and gas pipelines

  • High-security window grilles and balustrades


  • Anti-Climb: The tight mesh makes it impossible for intruders to find toe or finger holds.

  • Anti-Cut: Strong wires and welded joints make cutting through the fence a significant challenge.

  • Visibility: Its flat profile offers better visibility than traditional chain link fences.

  • High Strength: Advanced welding techniques ensure a strong bond between the wires, making our fences highly durable and secure.

Packing 358 welded wire mesh fence

We pack each fence panel with the utmost care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition:

  • Every panel is protected with a rubber mat at the bottom of the pallet to prevent damage.

  • Metal corners reinforce the pallet, ensuring it stays strong during transport.

  • A metal plate under the bandage reduces pressure on the fence panels.

  • A wooden plate on top of the pile prevents the panels from being crushed by other pallets.



Our 358 welded wire mesh fence is the ultimate security solution, offering high strength, superior protection against climbing and cutting, and enhanced visibility for secure premises. With customizable options and a range of applications, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking to fortify their property against intrusions. Packaged with care, our fences are ready to provide the security and peace of mind you need.





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