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45° Mitred Picket 2100mmx2450mm Steel Fence


Product Description:

Our 45° Mitred Picket 2100mmx2450mm Steel Fence is a testament to superior craftsmanship and design, offering a blend of top-tier security and visual appeal.



  1. Unmatched Security: The mitred picket design provides a strong barrier that is difficult to climb or breach.

  2. Elegant Aesthetics: The 45° angled tops offer a sophisticated look that enhances the visual appeal of any property.

  3. Durability: Constructed from high-grade steel, our fences are built to withstand harsh weather and resist corrosion.

  4. Versatility: Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, adaptable to various landscapes.

  5. Low Maintenance: The powder-coated finish ensures a long-lasting, rust-free appearance with minimal upkeep required.

45° Mitred Picket 2100mmx2450mm Steel Fence Applications:

  • Perfect for residential properties looking for an elegant boundary fence.

  • Suitable for commercial properties needing a balance of aesthetics and perimeter security.

  • Ideal for industrial areas where both security and visibility are priorities.

  • Public institutions like schools and parks that require secure, yet inviting, fence solutions.

Complete Specifications 45° Mitred Picket 2100mmx2450mm Steel Fence

MaterialHot-dipped Galvanized Steel tube
Picket Size25x25mm or 19mmx19mm
Rail Size40x40mm
Picket Style45° Mitred
Color OptionsBlack, White, Coffee, Grey, Blue, Green, etc.
Post SizeAccording to requirements
Picket Spacing125mm between pickets
Picket TopPressed Spear top
Additional FeaturesAnti-theft bolts and "U" clips for assembly
Warranty20 Years
PackagingPlastic film, wood/metal pallet

Packaging & Delivery:

  • Carefully wrapped in plastic film and placed on pallets for maximum protection.

  • Ready for delivery within 15 days after receiving prepayment.


In conclusion, the 45° Mitred Picket 2100mmx2450mm Steel Fence is an outstanding security solution that marries practicality with elegance. Offering a formidable barrier against intrusion while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property it surrounds, this fence is a perfect choice for those who do not want to compromise on either safety or style. With its durable galvanized steel composition, powder-coated finish for added resilience, and a 20-year warranty, this fencing option promises longevity and reliability. It's versatile for use in various settings, from private residences to commercial and public spaces, and its low maintenance ensures it remains a cost-effective and attractive perimeter solution for years to come. Whether you are looking to safeguard a property or simply elevate its appearance, this steel fence stands out as a premium choice.

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