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45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence 1200mmx2450mm


Product Description:

When it comes to securing your property without compromising on aesthetics, a steel fence is a robust choice. The 45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence 1200mmx2450mm, offers both security and elegance. This fence design has been crafted with attention to detail and precision, ensuring a strong barrier that also enhances the visual appeal of your space.

Applications and Benefits of the 45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence (1200mmx2450mm)

Where You Can Use This Fence:

  • Homes: Keep your house safe and look good doing it.

  • Schools: Protect students and keep the playground secure.

  • Businesses: Guard your shop or office with a strong barrier.

  • Industrial Areas: Mark off safe zones and keep out trespassers.

  • Public Parks: Fence in areas for families to enjoy without worry.

Why This Fence Is a Great Choice:

  • Strong: Made of steel, it's very hard to break or bend.

  • Lasts Long: Steel doesn't get damaged easily, so the fence will stay in good shape for years.

  • Looks Good: The 45° cut at the top of each picket makes the fence look fancy.

  • Keeps You Safe: It's tall enough to stop most people from trying to climb over.

  • Easy to Put Up: You can install it without a big fuss.

  • Low Upkeep: You won't have to spend much time or money on keeping it looking nice.

  • Custom Fit: You can change the size or color to match what you need.

Specifications 45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence 1200mmx2450mm

Overall Dimensions
Size19x19mm or 25mmx25mm
Top Finish45° Mitre Cut
Finish(Not specified in the image, typically powder-coated or galvanized)


Design and Dimensions 45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence 1200mmx2450mm

The fence features vertical pickets of 19x19mm that are spaced 125mm apart, providing a balanced look that is neither too crowded nor too sparse. These pickets are securely attached to horizontal rails of 40x40mm, which provide a sturdy framework for the entire structure. The mitred tops of the pickets are cut at a 45° angle, adding a touch of sophistication and deterring unwanted climbers.

Size Matters

The dimensions of the fence panel are thoughtfully designed to fit a standard yard or perimeter requirement. At 1200mm in height and 2450mm in width, it is tall enough to deter intruders and yet allows for visibility, which is important for security purposes. The size also makes it suitable for a variety of residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation is straightforward, as the panels can be easily fitted into posts with standard spacing. Maintenance of this steel fence is minimal, as the material is inherently resistant to rust and corrosion, especially if treated with a protective coating. An occasional wash with soapy water is enough to keep the fence looking new.

Durability and Security 45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence 1200mmx2450mm

Steel is a highly durable material, and the construction of this fence is designed to withstand the elements and potential impacts. The 45° mitred picket design does not only contribute to the aesthetic but also adds to the security feature, as the angled tops make scaling the fence more challenging.


While the standard panel size is 1200x2450mm, there is room for customization. Whether you need a different size or color, the fence can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, matching gates can be created to provide a seamless look for your property boundary.


 45° Mitred Picket Steel Fence 1200mmx2450mm is a blend of strength, style, and functionality. It is an excellent investment for those looking to enhance the security and curb appeal of their property. With its elegant design and robust construction, this fence is built to last, providing peace of mind and a significant boost to the aesthetic of any property it surrounds.

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