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6x12 Temporary Fence Panels from BMP – Barrier Solution


Product Description:

BMP's 6x12 Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels are a robust, movable fencing solution perfect for a wide array of temporary enclosures. Made with high-quality mild steel wire and galvanized tubing, these fences are built to last. The mesh and frame are securely connected with tension bars and bands, creating a firm structure that stands up well on uneven terrain or sloped areas.


Applications of 6x12 Temporary Fence Panels:

  • Construction Sites: They make sure people stay safe by surrounding dangerous areas where building is happening.

  • Public Events: Perfect for setting up quick borders for concerts or festivals to keep everyone in the right spot.

  • Home and School Safety: Great for making a quick, safe place for kids to play away from traffic or construction.

  • Sports Areas: Ideal for making temporary fields or courts for sports games.

  • Swimming Pools: They work well for making a temporary fence around pools to stop accidents.

  • Crowd Control: They help guide people where to go during big gatherings or in busy places.

  • Traffic Management: Good for marking roads or walkways to keep cars and people moving safely.

Benefits of 6x12 Temporary Fence Panels:

  • Easy to Set Up: You can put them up fast without needing to dig holes or use heavy machinery.

  • Move Around Easily: They're not heavy, so you can move them to different places as needed.

  • Tough and Lasts Long: Made with strong materials that can last up to 10 years, even outside.

  • Just Fix What's Broken: If part of the fence gets damaged, you only need to replace that bit, not the whole thing.

  • Fits Lots of Spaces: They come in sizes that work for lots of different areas, big or small.

  • Stays in Place Well: The bases are wide to make sure the fence doesn't fall over.

  • Looks Clean and Professional: The galvanized finish keeps the fence from rusting, so it always looks good

6x12 Temporary Fence Panels Durable Materials and Design:

With a 9-gauge wire diameter and a 2-2/5" mesh opening, the framework is strong, with an outer diameter of 1-1/4". A hot-dipped galvanized surface treatment ensures these panels can withstand the elements, offering a service life of up to 10 years.

BMP's Temporary Chain Link Fences are recognized across markets in Australia, America, England, and Africa for meeting Australian standards with their hot-dipped galvanized finish. They're perfect for construction sites, private properties, schools, and public events, providing safety and security where it's needed most.


Customizable for Various Needs:

These temporary fence panels come in various dimensions to suit different site requirements, including widths of 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and lengths of 12ft. They feature optional vertical, horizontal, or cross braces for added strength, and their modular design allows for standard or custom sizes.

Efficient Setup and Transportation:

BMP emphasizes ease of installation with these fence panels. They're designed for quick assembly without the need for drilling, and they can be easily relocated as project demands change. The panels are joined with bolts, rivets, or steel clamps, ensuring a secure installation.

Specifications and Quality Testing:

Every panel undergoes thorough testing, ensuring full welding and a solid fence structure that can endure frequent moves without damage or corrosion. BMP uses handcraft techniques to ensure every chain link mesh is tightly wrapped around the frame, providing a tension that's just right.

Product Type6x12 Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels
MaterialHigh-quality mild steel wire and galvanized tube
Wire Diameter9 gauge (2.9mm) as standard, with options for 10.5 ga, 11 ga, 11.5 ga, and 12 ga
Mesh Opening2-2/5" (60mm) standard, with options for 2" (50mm), 2.25" (57mm), 2.4" (60mm), 2.75" (70mm)
Frame Outside Diameter1-1/4" (32mm) as standard, with options for 1.5" (38mm) and 1.6" (40mm)
Panel Size (Width x Height)6ft x 12ft as standard, with custom sizes available
Surface TreatmentHot-dipped galvanized, with galvanized spraying or painting available
Bracing OptionsCross, vertical, horizontal brace with 1"/1.25" round or the same with frame O.D
Base/Stand Specification750mm L x 100 W x 8.0mm Wall Thick flat base or 30" L x 18" W x 8" H with (32mm) O.D. tube base
Clamp Specification4.0mm wall thickness for additional strength, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm hole spacing (C/C); hot-dipped galvanized
Standard ComplianceAS 1725-2010, AS 2423-2002, AS 54687-2007
PackagingIn bulk, with protective measures
Estimated Service LifeUp to 10 years
ApplicationsConstruction sites, private property, public events, residential housing, traffic control

6x12 Temporary Fence Panels Variety of Base and Clamp Types:

BMP offers several base and clamp types to suit different ground conditions and stability needs. All components are galvanized for corrosion resistance, ensuring a long-lasting and durable setup.



Convenient Packing and Delivery 6x12 Temporary Fence Panels :

BMP takes care in packing their fence panels, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition. With rubber mats at the bottom of pallets and metal corners for added strength, the panels are shipped securely to prevent damage.

Expertise and Customer Service:

Choosing BMP means getting expert advice tailored to your specific needs. The company not only offers standard-size fences but also accepts custom orders for unique panel lengths and heights, along with specific pipe thickness and diameter requirements.


BMP's 6x12 Temporary Fence Panels are the ideal solution for anyone needing reliable, durable, and easy-to-install temporary fencing. They are perfect for various applications, providing peace of mind with their sturdy construction and ease of transport from one project to the next. With BMP, you can expect a fencing solution that meets your needs and exceeds industry standards.





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