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8 Gauge Chain Link Fence: Durable and Flexible Fencing Solution

Wire Thickness: 1.2mm to 5.0mm
Mesh Size: 50mm to 80mm
Corrosion: Corrosion Resistant
Product Type: Chain Link Fence Panel and Roll
Product Usage: Garden Fence, Temporary Fence, Fence Panel
Product Name: 9 Gauge Galvanized Diamond Wire Mesh/PVC Plastic
Popular Name: Chain Link Fence
Product Package: Woven Bag or Customer's Request
Keyword: Garden, Sport, Highway, Farm Fence & Railing
Transport Package: by Sea
Specification: As Customer's requirements
Trademark: BMP
Origin: Made in Ch


Product Description:

BMP's 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence stands as a testament to quality and versatility in the fencing industry. Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, this fencing option combines durability with aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

Material:hot-dip galvanized low carbon steel wire,Zinc-5%Al or 10%Al-mixed rare earth alloy coating, also named Galfan

  • 1) normal zinc coating(40-60g/m2)

  • 2) heavy zinc coating (200-280g/m2)

  • 3) Galfan 5%Al-zinc coated steel wire(200-500g/m2)

  • Galfan 10%Al-zinc coated steel wire(200-500g/m2)


Product Overview:

BMP's chain link fence is constructed with an 8 gauge vinyl extruded and bonded finish, ensuring strength and longevity. The core is made of 11 gauge steel, coated with a layer of 'glue' before being finished with a vinyl coating. This multi-layered approach not only enhances the fence's durability but also adds an additional protective layer to the steel wire.


Specifications for BMP's 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence:

Type8 Gauge Chain Link Fence
Wire Diameter2.5mm, 2.7mm (11.5 Gauge), 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm
Hole Size4cm x 4cm, 5cm x 5cm, 6cm x 6cm, 7cm x 7cm
Height2.5m, 2m, 1.8m, 1.5m
Post SizeRound 5cm x 1.5mm, 5cm x 2mm, 6cm x 3mm
Surface TreatmentHot Dipped Galvanized, Powder Coated
MaterialLow Carbon Steel, PVC Coated Wire
Pressure TreatedHeat Treated

Key Features:

  • Material: Made from hot-dip galvanized low carbon steel wire, available in Zinc-5%Al or 10%Al-mixed rare earth alloy coating (Galfan).

  • Surface Treatment: Options include normal zinc coating, heavy zinc coating, and Galfan coating, with PVC coated wire variants for added durability and color choices.

  • Mesh Size: Galvanized fabric mesh size varies, with common measurements being 2-1/4" for 11-1/2 gauge and 2" for 11, 9, and 6 gauge.

  • Selvage Options: Available in Knuckle x Knuckle (KxK) and Knuckle x Twist (KxT) selvage.

  • Fence Height & Weight: Ranges from 3' (75 lbs per 50' roll) to 10' (300 lbs per 50' roll), accommodating various project needs.

Benefits of Using BMP’s 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence:

  1. High Durability: The multi-layered coating process ensures longevity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

  2. Flexibility: Ideal for both residential and light commercial use, adaptable to various settings.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Available in different colors, it can complement house siding, roofing, and trim colors, or blend into natural surroundings.

  4. Ease of Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, providing efficiency in project timelines.

  5. Security and Safety: Provides reliable enclosure for areas like schoolyards, industrial properties, and residential yards.

8 Gauge Chain Link Fence Applications:

This fencing is widely used in various sectors, including:

  • Residential and commercial properties for security and boundary definition.

  • Industrial sites and construction areas for safety and demarcation.

  • Recreational areas like tennis courts and baseball fields.

  • Public spaces for crowd control and event management.


1. What is an 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence?

  • It's a type of fence made of metal wires woven together. The "8 gauge" part means the wires are pretty thick and strong.

2. What's special about this 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence ?

  • This fence is really durable because it's made with thick wires and often has a protective coating. It's great for places like homes, schools, and construction sites.

3. Can I get it in different sizes?

  • Yes! The fence comes in various heights and lengths. Common heights are 2.5m, 2m, and 1.8m, and it usually has a standard length of 3m.

4. What are the color options?

  • Besides the usual metal color, it can be coated in different colors. This is great if you want it to match your house or blend in with nature.

5. Is it hard to put up this fence?

  • It's pretty straightforward. If you're handy, you can do it yourself, or you can get a professional to install it.

6. How long does this fence last?

  • It's made to last a long time, especially with its galvanized or PVC-coated options, which help protect it from rust.

7. Is 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence good for keeping my pets in?

  • Absolutely! It's strong and can be built to a height that keeps pets safely inside your yard.

8. Can I use it for a sports field like a tennis court?

  • Yes, it's a popular choice for sports fields because it's strong and can take a lot of hits from balls.

9. What's the best way to maintain this fence?

  • It's very low-maintenance. Just check occasionally for any damage and keep it clean from debris.


Installation and Customization:

BMP provides comprehensive instructions for the installation of their chain link fence, ensuring ease and accuracy. The company also offers a full line of colored framework, fittings, and gates to match the fabric, along with the option to pair colored fabric with galvanized framework.

In conclusion, BMP's 8 Gauge Chain Link Fence is an ideal choice for those seeking a durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution. Whether for residential security, commercial boundary definition, or industrial safety, this product offers the quality and flexibility required to meet diverse fencing needs.

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