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868 Mesh Fence: Durability and Easy Installation


Product Description:

An 868 mesh fence system with a distinctive appearance allows excellent vision making it suitable for many applications. 868 fence Panel, features twin, galvanized horizontal rods 8mm diameter positioned on either side of a 6mm diameter vertical. The panels have welded points where they intersect, making them really tough against hits or vandalism. One side of the panel is smooth, while the other side has vertical parts sticking out by 30mm to make a barbed top.



The 868 mesh fence is tough and strong, giving your property solid protection.

It keeps intruders away because its sturdy design makes it hard for them to get into your area.

You can use it in many places like homes, businesses, or factories, which shows how flexible it is.

This fence lasts a long time because it's made from materials that can handle the weather well, so you won't have to fix it often.

It also gives you some privacy because the bars are close together, making it good for places where you don't want others looking in.

Taking care of it is easy, so you won't have to spend much time or effort on maintenance.

You can pick different heights and styles to match what you need or like.


Application 868 Mesh Fence

868 mesh fence has been designed for ease of installation and provides the contractor and user with a cost-effective solution for all boundary requirements. Typical applications include; Schools, Colleges and Universities. Many Local authorities specify 868 for use in Parks and around Public amenities.



Table-1: Specification of Double Wire Fence
Wire diameterMesh sizePanel size
( Hight × Width ) (mm)
Pile height (mm)Pole type (mm)Fittings
8/6/8 mm
6/5/6 mm
5/4/5 mm
200 × 50 mm630 × 25001100Rectangular type pole
60 × 60 × 2
Non-clip; rain cap
830 × 25001300
1030 × 25001500
1230 × 25001700Rectangular Type pole
80 × 80 × 2
Steel clips, plastic clip; rain cap
1430 × 30001900
1630 × 30002100
1830 × 30002400
2030 × 30002600
2430 × 30002800
2530 × 30003000
2630 × 30003000

Install of 868 Mesh Fence

The 868 mesh fence combines a strong reinforced fixing and a tamper-resistant pin to securely attach the fence panel to the support post. You can place the edge at ground level for a smooth top. The posts for 868 fence panels are set about 2.525 meters apart and come with pre-installed inserts. To attach the panels, we use solid steel brackets and M8 diameter tamper-proof bolts.

You can choose from three types of 868 mesh fence panels designed for different security levels: Boundary, Demarcation, and Anti-Intruder. For extra protection, the Anti-Intruder option includes vertical or bent extensions on the posts. These extensions can hold up to three rows of barbed wire or tape. If you need a taller fence, like for stopping balls, the Multi-Lift Panels are perfect. You stack one panel on top of another using special RHS posts, making it a cost-effective way to increase height.





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