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Airport Fence: Ensuring Security in Airports


Product Description:

Airport Fence is mainly used in the airport for protection. The central and V panels are welded with 4.0mm/5.0mm low carbon steel wire. The surface treatment of our airport fence is galvanized + electrostatic polyester powder coated or galvanized + PVC coated. 600mm V-shaped square pipe connects the mesh panels at each 2.5m interval. A fence with concertina razor wire on top will be more secure. The Fence System benefits from variable wire spacings and three horizontal profiles, making it difficult to climb. The panels are 3 meters wide, reducing the number of posts required and making the Athena System a cost-effective solution.

Airport fences are specially designed to offer enhanced security compared to traditional wire mesh fencing. Here's how they stand out:

  1. Height and Strength: Airport fences are usually taller than traditional fences, making them much harder to climb over. They are constructed with high-strength materials designed to withstand attempts to cut through or damage them.

  2. Anti-Climb Features: They often incorporate anti-climb features such as barbed wire or razor wire at the top, which traditional wire mesh fences might not have. This adds an extra layer of security.

  3. Visibility: Despite being a robust barrier, airport fences are designed to allow clear visibility for surveillance. Traditional wire fences might obstruct views depending on their design and the gauge of the wire.

  4. Integration with Security Systems: Airport fences can be integrated with advanced security systems, including motion sensors and alarms. Traditional fencing usually doesn't include such technology.

  5. Durability: They are treated with advanced anti-corrosive coatings, making them more durable against the elements than standard wire mesh, which may only have basic galvanization.



Applications Airport Fence

•Medium security
•Commercial and Prestigious
•Schools, Parks and Recreation
•Modern Locations

Necessary of AirPort Wire Mesh Fence

There are many reasons why airport perimeter fencing is considered essential for airport security. Not only does it outline the boundaries, but the right airport perimeter fence will ensure the safety of those in and around the perimeter. A good fence is the first line of defense against security risks, so failure to install a compliant and durable fence can lead to additional security breaches.



As we've seen many times before, airport security breaches not only pose a risk to staff, passengers and visitors but can also lead to delays and disruptions at the very least - so investing in suitable airport barriers for you is certainly worth it. wire mesh fencing systems are a vital element of a building that ensures the safety of the public and the airport itself. And - with airport security breaches increasing every year - the range of practical benefits that the right perimeter fence can provide has never been more relevant.


Popular Size
Mesh Opening50x200mm,50x100mm,75x150mm,50x150mm & 50x50mm
Post stylesquare post, peach post,holland post& round post
Special size is available

perimeter fencing requirements: a complex challenge

To understand the complexities associated with airport perimeter fencing requirements, it is also important to emphasize that several factors influence them.

  • The physical size of the airport

  • Local terrain

  • Security level

  • Weather

  • Geography

  • These are just a few of the almost endless variables that can affect airport perimeter fencing requirements


Product advantages:

  • 1. The fence has comparatively high overall strength and very apparent decorative effect;

  • 2. The welding spots are firm enough against cutting;

  • 3. High-grade plastic dipping with ten years guarantee rust resistance;

  • 4. To install and disassemble easily. It can be reused. Can be adjusted according to the fencing needs;

  • 5. Environmentally friendly products. It can be ultimately recyclable.



An airport fence is a strong and reliable way to keep airports safe. It's built with the best materials to last long and stand up against tough weather. This fence makes sure that planes and the people in the airport are protected from any unwanted visitors or wildlife. It's also designed so that people can see through it, which helps security teams keep an eye on everything. Choosing an airport mesh is a smart decision for any airport that wants to make sure its borders are secure.





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