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Aluminum Grip Strut Grating: A Lightweight and Durable Solution


Product Description:

At BMP, we offer high-quality Aluminum Grip Strut Grating designed to meet diverse industrial needs. Lighter than steel and incredibly durable, it is an excellent choice for various applications.



Material Specifications

Our Aluminum Grip Strut Grating uses different grades of aluminum like 5052, 3003, and 1060, recognized for their strength and rust-resistant properties. The grating comes in thicknesses of 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm to cater to specific industrial requirements.

Aluminum Grip Strut Grating Specification:
NameApplicationMaterialThicknessGrip Strut Grating Quantity 800165035*32mmGrip Strut Grating Quantity 800220035*32mmGrip Strut Grating Quantity 800252535*32mmSurface Treatment
Aluminum Grip Strut GratingConstruction catwalk, tank truck etc.Aluminum 5052, 3003, 10602MM,2.5MM,3MM1pc2pcs1pcFilm protection
I Type Industrial Steel Grating Specification:
TypeSpecificationSafe Load Weight
TMIISG001G5053/40/100 Space Less Than 1000mm55KN/M2
TMIISG002G2553/40/100Space Less Than 800mm34KN/M2
TMIISG003G7574/40/100Space Less Than 800mm36KN/M2
TMIISG004G5053/30/100 Space Less Than 1000mm94KN/M2
TMIISG005G2553/05/30/100 Space Less Than 1000mm60KN/M2
TMIISG006G7574/30/100 Space Less Than 1000mm46KN/M2
Unique Grating Pattern

The grip strut grating pattern is one of the standout features of our product. With 14 teeth around each hole, it provides excellent traction, ensuring the user's safety, even in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, or icy conditions.


Primarily, our Aluminum Grip Strut Grating finds extensive use in the construction of catwalks and tank trucks. The high slip resistance and rust-resistant properties make it suitable for various environments, including sewage treatment plants, power plants, and water factories. Moreover, its decorative aspect enhances aesthetics while ensuring safety.


One of the notable benefits of using our Aluminum Grip Strut Grating is its lightweight nature, making it easy to transport and install. In addition to being rustproof, it provides excellent anti-skid properties, ensuring a safe work environment, especially in challenging weather conditions. It effectively reduces work-related injuries, further emphasizing worker safety.

Customization for Specific Needs

Our Aluminum Grip Strut Grating is customizable. A popular choice for tank trucks is the grating with a width of 800mm and a thickness of 2mm. However, it's essential to provide additional support for such configurations to enhance bearing capacity. With its flexibility in size and superior strength, the Series 5052 is a popular choice for many constructions.

I Type Industrial Steel Grating

I Type Industrial Steel Grating is another product that we specialize in. Known for its excellent anti-skid effects, it is a preferred choice in areas with more rainfall and snow. Despite its high raw material price, its benefits make it a valuable choice for specific applications, especially in regions like Korea and Vietnam.

Specifications and Applications of I Type Industrial Aluminum Grip Strut Grating

Our I Type Industrial Steel Grating comes in a variety of specifications, ensuring a safe load weight capacity. This type of grating is not only rust-resistant but also durable, lasting more than 20 years. It finds widespread use in areas with heavy rain and snowfall and is commonly used as a ditch cover in Korea and Vietnam.


BMP is committed to providing high-quality grating solutions. Whether it's the Aluminum Grip Strut Grating or the I Type Industrial Steel Grating, we ensure superior product quality and durability. Our products not only enhance safety but also contribute to reducing work injuries, making them an ideal choice for numerous industrial applications.





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