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Aluminum Pool Fencing Boss Metal's Safety and Style Designs  


Product Description:

Boss Metal sets a new standard with its Black Pool Fence Panels – Flat Top Aluminium. This aluminum pool fencing is not just a barrier; it's a design statement that adds elegance and safety to your poolside.


Sophisticated Design Meets Unmatched Safety

Boss Metal understands the importance of pool safety. Their Flat Top Aluminum Pool Fencing panels comply with local regulations, ensuring a secure boundary around pools, hot tubs, and portable pools. The sleek, smooth lines of the tubular flat top fencing mean you can enjoy your pool without worrying about safety fines.

A Modern Alternative to Traditional Aluminum Pool Fencing

Moving away from the traditional spear-pointed or rounded styles, Boss Metal offers a more symmetrical and modern approach to pool fencing. The aluminum construction provides a clean and contemporary look that elevates the aesthetic of any pool area.

Seamless and Stylish Structure

What sets Boss Metal's fencing apart is the absence of a middle bar. This design choice not only enhances the fence's sleek appearance but also adds to its strength. The firm outline created by the top and bottom bars ensures a smooth, stylish finish to your garden fence project.

DIY-Friendly Installation

All fencing panels from Boss Metal come preassembled and ready for installation. This feature is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, making fence installation straightforward and hassle-free. At Boss Metal, they believe in making fencing as easy as pie.

Durability in Design Aluminum Pool Fencing 

The high tensile aluminium used in Boss Metal’s pool fencing panels ensures they are rust-free and durable. Especially in harsh Australian conditions, where the sun can damage outdoor installations, these aluminium panels remain resilient, maintaining their appearance and structural integrity over time.

Technical Specifications

The Flat Top Fence panels are available in heights of 1.2mm and lengths of 2.4mm (or 2.45mm in some states). They come in a satin black powder coat finish, with horizontal rails measuring 38mmx25mm. This design includes more welds than standard panels, ensuring enhanced strength and durability.

Boss Metal's Black Pool Fence Panels – Flat Top Aluminium Specifications

Specification CategoryDetails
Product TypeBlack Pool Fence Panel – Flat Top Aluminium
Standard Sizes1.8m, 2.0m, 2.3m, etc. (Customizable)
Panel Dimensions2.4m (or 2.45m) x 1.2m high
MaterialHigh strength zinc steel pipe, aluminum pipe available on request
FinishPowder-coated in black, green, white
Panel BuildNo Middle Bar, Horizontal rails 38mmx25mm
Additional FeaturesMore welds for strength, suitable for uneven ground, easy 'step' installation
DurabilityRust Free, made of high tensile aluminium
ApplicationIdeal for pool fencing, garden fencing, and other residential uses
Warranty7-year Warranty on Black Flat Top Pool Fencing
Surface TreatmentBlack, green, white powder coated
Post Options50X50mm, 60X60mm, 75X75mm
ComplianceComplies with local regulations for pool safety
PackagingCarton, Pallet
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)100M
Delivery Time30 days production period, 30 days for transportation
Productivity5000 per month

Adaptable to Uneven Ground

Boss Metal’s fencing is perfect for properties with uneven terrain. The vertical boundary fencing can be 'stepped' to match the slopes of your property, avoiding the unsightly droop common in horizontal fences over time.



Long-Term Assurance Aluminum Pool Fencing 

The confidence Boss Metal has in their product is reflected in their 7-year fencing warranty. This commitment showcases their belief in the quality and durability of their aluminum pool fencing.


Boss Metal’s Black Flat Top Aluminum Pool Fencing is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a mix of style, safety, and simplicity. With its modern design, ease of installation, and long-lasting durability, it's the smart choice for

enhancing your poolside experience. Choose Boss Metal for an aluminum pool fencing solution that not only secures your pool area but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space.

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