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Belgium Crowd Control Barriers - Secure & Durable Solutions


Product Description:

Belgium crowd control barriers, also known as barriers for events or bike barricades, are used to keep people safe and organized at public gatherings like concerts, sports events, protests, and festivals.

These barriers are made from strong carbon steel. The vertical bars are securely joined to the frame before being welded, making them very sturdy. After welding, the barriers can be treated with hot-dip galvanization or a powder coating for extra durability.

Hot-dip galvanization gives the barriers the best protection against rust and corrosion, with a coating that can be up to 400g/m2 thick. This makes them last a long time. Powder-coated barriers come in different colors like black or orange, making them look nice while also being smooth, safe, and resistant to damage.


1200mm width belgium crowd control barriers :

SpecificationSize (mm)
Overall Height820
Overall Width1200
Inner Width1090
Frame Diameter x ThicknessØ35x1.5
Inner Pipe DiameterØ16
Feet Length430
Feet Width330
Distance Between Feet170
Locking Space98.9
Hook Length114.1
Hook Gap295
Total Height1050


2000mm width belgium crowd control barriers :

SpecificationSize (mm)
Overall Height820
Overall Width2000
Inner Width1890
Frame Diameter x ThicknessØ35x1.5
Inner Pipe DiameterØ16x1.2
Feet Length976
Feet Width457
Distance Between Feet249
Locking Space106.9
Hook Length114.1
Hook Gap295
Total Height1050


When choosing Belgium concert crowd control barriers, here are some great features to consider:

  1. Good Prices: We make our metal barriers ourselves to make sure they're top quality but still at a good price.

  2. Customizable: If you can't find the design you want on our website, just let us know what you need. We even make barriers that meet Swedish standards.

  3. Well-equipped: With three factories in China, we're all set to meet the security needs of any event with our street furniture, road safety items, and portable barriers.

  4. Safe: Our event barriers are strong steel and can handle a lot of pressure, perfect for big crowds at music festivals, concerts, fireworks shows, exhibitions, and big ceremonies.

  5. Expert Made: We weld all parts of our bike rack barriers to make sure they're really strong. After making them, we dip them in hot zinc to protect them from rust.

Belgium Crowd Control Barriers Special Features:

  • Extra Secure: They fit together with a special hook system that keeps them firmly in place.

  • Strong Welds: We use a special welding technique for the strongest bond.

  • Rust-resistant: We coat the steel in hot zinc for long-lasting protection.

  • Personal Touch: You can get a custom nameplate cut by laser.

  • Color Choices: You can pick a color from the RAL or Pantone charts for a powder coat finish.


  • Legs that can be taken off

  • A special handle in the middle lets you carry two barriers at once

  • Strong feet built-in to stop the barrier from falling over

  • Meets all important safety rules Are you in the event planning industry and interested in our Belgium crowd control barriers? Don't hesitate to ask for a price now!

Belgium Crowd Control Barriers Benefits 

  • They get a zinc coating after being welded.

  • The barrier can stand up to weather and lasts a long time.

  • These barriers are lightweight and simple to move around.

  • They're strong enough to manage crowds.

  • The feet can be taken off, which makes moving and storing them much simpler and more space-efficient.


The Belgium crowd control barriers are robust and versatile solutions designed to manage and direct crowds effectively in various settings, such as events and public gatherings. They come with detachable legs for ease of transport and storage, and feature a unique central handle that allows for carrying two barriers simultaneously, enhancing mobility and deployment efficiency.

These barriers are constructed to withstand weather conditions, ensuring durability and a long service life. The zinc coating applied after welding provides additional weather resistance and prolongs the integrity of the barriers. They are also designed to fulfill all necessary safety regulations, ensuring that they are a reliable choice for crowd management.

The barriers are available in different dimensions, accommodating various needs and event sizes. The total height of 1050mm is suitable for preventing accidental or intentional crossing of the boundary by attendees, while the range of available lengths allows for the coverage of different perimeters. The integrated feet are designed to prevent the barriers from toppling, thus maintaining a secure environment.

In summary, Belgium crowd control barriers are an effective and secure means to manage large crowds, offering durability, safety, and ease of use, making them a valuable asset for event management and public safety officials.

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