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Black Security Fence Panels – Secure Your Space


Product Description:

When you think about securing your home or business, black security fence panels are the way to go. They don't just keep your property safe; they do it with style. Our panels offer the best of both worlds – they look great and give you peace of mind.

Why Australians Choose Black Security Fence Panels

Australians are choosing black security fence panels for their homes and businesses, and it's easy to see why. These panels are more than just a fence; they're a smart security move and a stylish choice all in one. Here's why they're becoming a favourite across Australia.

They Look Great

First things first: black fences look fantastic. They have a clean, modern look that fits with just about any kind of building. Whether it's a house, a shop, or a factory, a black fence adds class to the property.

They're Super Strong

A fence needs to be strong to keep you safe, and these black security panels are tough as nails. They're made to stand up to the Aussie weather, from blazing sun to heavy rain. Plus, they're built to make it hard for any unwanted visitors to climb over or break through.

They Keep Their Color

Nobody likes a fence that loses its color in a few months. The good news is, black security panels keep their deep, rich color for years. They have a special coating that stops the sun from fading them.

They Match Everything

Black goes with everything. It doesn't matter if you change the color of your house or the landscaping in your yard; your fence will still look like it belongs.

Easy to Take Care Of

Australians are busy people, and they don't want to spend their weekends fixing fences. Black security fence panels are low maintenance. Give them a quick wash now and then, and they're good as new.

They Increase Property Value

A good fence does more than keep you safe; it can also boost the value of your property. A stylish black security fence makes your property look well-kept and secure, which is a big plus if you ever decide to sell.

Applications That Shine Black Security Fence Panels

Our black security fence panels fit perfectly in many places:

  1. Gardens: They add a touch of sophistication while keeping out unwanted visitors.

  2. Residential Areas: They create a boundary that's as stylish as it is secure.

  3. Industrial Parks: They provide durable protection for assets and equipment.

  4. Commercial Districts: They enhance the professional look of your business while safeguarding the premises.

Benefits That Stand Out

  • Quality and Reliability: Certified with SGS, ISO 9001:2008, our fence panels are top-notch.

  • Durable Materials: Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, they withstand harsh conditions without a hitch.

  • Advanced Coating: With a powder-coated finish, they resist the elements, preventing rust and fading.

  • Versatile Design: Choose from 15 standard colors or pick your custom shade.

  • Easy Installation: Opt for a "no dig" installation with pronged post supports for a hassle-free setup.

  • Long-Lasting: We offer a 15-year warranty because we believe in our product's longevity.

Why Our Panels Are Different

Unlike others, our black security fence panels come with:

  • Thicker powder coating, over 80 microns, for extra toughness.

  • A closer picket gap of 90mm, because details matter.

  • Hot-dip galvanization plus phosphate treatment for unbeatable corrosion resistance.

Specifications Black Security Fence Panels

Product TypeBlack Security Fence Panels
CertificationsSGS, ISO 9001:2008
Horizontal Tube40mm, 45mm
Vertical Tube20mm, 25mm
FinishGalvanized + Powder Coated
Coating ThicknessMore than 80 microns, up to 105 microns
ColorBlack (Standard), with options for 15 other standard colors or custom colors
InstallationStandard and "No Dig" options with pronged post support
Corrosion ProtectionHot-DIP galvanized finish with a polyester powder coating
Base MaterialHot-dipped galvanized steel seamless steel tube
Surface TreatmentHot-DIP galvanized, Zinc phosphate, Epoxy polyester coating, Polyester color coating
ApplicationsGardens, Residential areas, Industrial parks, Commercial districts
DimensionsStandard panel sizes: 2400mm x 2100mm (Custom sizes available upon request)
Picket Spacing90mm between tubes
Warranty15 years
Production Capacity7000 sets per month
DeliveryBy sea
Payment TermsL/C, T/T
Delivery Time15-25 days after Sales Contract

Our Promise

With a monthly production capacity of 7000 sets and a commitment to swift delivery, we promise not only quality but also efficiency. Choose our black security fence panels, and enjoy the perfect mix of security, elegance, and durability at competitive prices.

Interested? Contact us for a quote, and let's secure your space with the strength and style you deserve.

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