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Bulk Wire Mesh Containers: Versatile Storage Solutions


Product Description:
bulk wire mesh containers, also known as wire mesh containers or wire mesh baskets, are made from high-quality metal materials with mesh girds. In warehouses and industrial transportation occasions, these collapsible cages are very popular.

Bulk wire mesh containers are super handy for organizing and storing a bunch of different items. Here’s how you can use them and the cool benefits they bring:


  1. Storing Bulk Materials: Great for keeping large amounts of stuff like manufacturing parts or produce in one place.

  2. Warehouse Use: Perfect for organizing products on shelves or pallets, making things easier to find and move around.

  3. Transporting Goods: With these containers, you can move products from one spot to another safely, whether within a facility or during shipping.

  4. Recycling and Waste Management: They're also awesome for holding recyclable materials or waste, keeping spaces clean and organized.


  1. Saves Space: You can stack them up, whether they’re full or empty, which saves a ton of floor space.

  2. Protects Your Stuff: The mesh design keeps your items secure but still lets you see what’s inside without opening the container.

  3. Long-lasting: Since they’re galvanized, they resist rust and can last a really long time, even in tough environments.

  4. Flexible: You can add doors, lids, or wheels to make them fit exactly what you need, whether that’s easy access to goods or moving them around smoothly.

  5. Improves Efficiency: Using these containers can make your workplace more efficient, as they make it easier to store, find, and move items.

  6. Eco-friendly: They’re reusable and durable, which is way better for the environment than using disposable storage options.


  1. Bulk wire mesh containers are great for storing things in warehouses and for logistics and other uses.

  2. They come in different sizes and can hold different amounts of weight.

  3. They have a smart design and a rust-proof surface with a smooth powder coating.

  4. They have ISO9001: 2008 & CE certifications.

  5. They meet ISO standards and come at factory prices.

bulk wire mesh containers specification

ModelExternal Size (LxDxH mm)Internal Size (LxDxH mm)Wire Dia. (mm)Grid (mm)Weight (kg)Loading (kg)

Material: Steel Q235

Available Options: Top Lid / Wheels / Hollow Sheet / Bar Runner / Forklift / Inner divider

Finish Options: Zinc / Hot dipped galvanized / Cold galvanized / Powder coating

Remark: Specifications are subject to change.

Features bulk wire mesh containers

  1. You can stack bulk materials in three dimensions with bulk wire mesh containers.

  2. These containers are fully galvanized for great rust protection.

  3. You can add a polypropylene hollow sheet (PP plate sheet) to keep small parts from falling out.

  4. You can adjust the mesh size to stop materials from slipping through.

  5. These containers work well with racks, shelves, or pallets for organized storage.

  6. They have a flexible door design so you can easily get to goods, even when stacked.

  7. You can add vertical layers inside the container based on what you need.

  8. You can choose containers with a door on one side, both sides, or a top cover, depending on what you need.

  9. Stacking the racks with a forklift makes better use of space.

  10. You can put wheels on the bottom to move goods easily, and there are many types of wheels to choose from.

  11. You can add a retractor or runner bar to the bottom for safe, easy moving of multiple cages together.

  12. You can stack these containers whether they're full or empty, making them great for storage and transport.

We have been exporters of supermarket & warehouse bulk wire mesh containers for more than 15 years, which have enjoyed great popularity in the world market. And our products have passed the CE&ISO9001: 2000 certificate. We also can design according to customers' requirements. If you are interested in our bulk wire mesh containers, you could contact me. And welcome to visit our 1000 square meters in the exhibition hall or our factory.


Bulk wire mesh containers are super useful for keeping things organized in warehouses and for moving stuff around. They come in many sizes, can hold a lot of weight, and have a design that keeps rust away. Plus, they're certified to meet high-quality standards and are priced well, straight from the factory. These containers are a smart choice if you need a sturdy, versatile storage solution.





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