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Cattle Panel Fence for Ultimate Livestock Security


Product Description:

Cattle panel fences, also known as livestock panels, corral panels, or horse panels, are made from welded, hot-dip galvanized pipes to fence in animals like cattle, sheep, goats, and dogs. BMP makes high-quality panels for all kinds of livestock. They use top-notch pre-galvanized RHS & pipe. These versatile panels have rounded edges and can work as cattle, horse, or sheep panels. You can also get extra C and L lugs to connect panels to your existing yard.

Advantages of Our Cattle Panel Fence:

  • Portable: You can easily set them up, take them down, and move them around. This makes the fence very handy.

  • Strong: They lock together well, making them very stable. They're made of quality steel and fully welded, which makes them strong and tough. They also have a heavy coating of zinc or PVC to last a long time.

  • Eco-friendly: You can set them up with bracket lugs and joining pins without needing to dig holes or lay foundations, which is good for the land.

  • Safe for Animals: They have no sharp edges and smooth welds so they won't hurt livestock.

  • Cost-effective: They offer years of use and need little upkeep, all at an affordable starting price.

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Cattle Panel Fence Specifications

  • Panel Size and Rails

    • 1.8 x 2.1m with Six rails/bars

    • 1.6 x 2.1m with Five rails/bars

  • Pole Style

    • Square pipe: 40x40mm or 50x50mm O.D.

    • Round pipe: 32mm O.D.

    • Oval pipe: 30x60mm or 40x80mm O.D.

  • Pole Thickness: 1.6mm for all styles.

  • Panel Gate: Custom specifications available upon request.

  • Zinc Coating: 120g/m2 for enhanced durability.

Gate Specifications

  • Size: Customizable, with flexible designs starting at 2200mm x 2000mm.

  • Frame: Made of horizontal and vertical pipes, 50 mm x 50 mm RHS x 1.8 mm thick, with fully welded caps for extra durability.

  • Horizontal Rail: 40 mm x 80 mm x 1.6mm thick, consisting of 6 oval rails to ensure robustness.

  • Finishing: Hot-dipped galvanized with a zinc coating of more than 15 microns, providing long-lasting protection against rust.

  • Features: Fully welded oval pipes, posts, and brackets with heavy-duty hinges for secure installation. Each gate comes with "U" and "L" lugs for easy connection and two joining pins per panel for quick assembly. A footplate on the panel allows for cementing the panels to the ground with nails, ensuring stability.

Our top cattle panel fence is made from 50mm x 50mm uprights that are 1.6mm thick and has five oval bars that are 120mm x 30mm and 1.8mm thick. It comes with pins and brackets to connect the panels together. We also include metal caps to keep rain out and a bottom plate to help you secure it to the ground. This makes our product very strong and dependable. You won't have to worry about it falling apart. We use the best galvanised steel and chain link mesh. Our usual cattle panel has six rails, is 2.1m long, and 1.8m high, but we can make them to fit any size you need.

Here's what we promise:

  1. We check every cattle panel for quality before it ships.

  2. We offer the best after-sale support. You can track your order's progress, from production to delivery.

  3. With over six years of exporting experience, we handle your orders smoothly.

  4. We're okay with orders that don't fill a container.

  5. We always deliver on time, usually within 20-30 days.

  6. You can pay in different ways like L/C or T/T.

  7. If you need a special size for your cattle panel fence, just ask. We can customize it for you.


Our cattle panel fence is strong, durable, and flexible to fit any size you need. It comes fully equipped with all the necessary parts for easy setup and long-lasting use. We ensure every panel is checked for quality and promise reliable after-sale support. With our experience, we make ordering easy and offer customization for any special sizes. You can trust us for a sturdy fence that keeps your livestock safe and secure.





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