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Cattle Panels for NSW Farmers - Range of Sizes & Style


Product Description:

You can buy cattle panels in NSW for various farm or ranch purposes, like enclosing round pens, arenas, or paddocks. These panels are a strong option when you need to confine animals. They have single-piece vertical stays that go through drilled rails, making them even stronger and more structurally sound.

Farmers and ranchers commonly use them to enclose and safeguard horses in places like farmland, paddocks, arenas, rodeo events, and stables.

Specifications Cattle Panels

MaterialCarbon Steel
Pipe Thickness1.6mm - 1.8mm
Pipe DimensionRound Pipe: 32mm, 42mm Square Pipe: 40mm × 40mm, 50mm × 50mm Oval Pipe: 30mm × 60mm, 40mm × 80mm, 50mm × 100mm, 40mm × 120mm
Panel Size (H × L)1.0m × 3.0m; 1.5m × 2.0m; 1.6m × 2.5m; 1.8m × 2.1m; 1.6m × 2.1m; 1.8m × 2.4m; 1.8m × 3.0m, etc.
FinishHot-Dipped Galvanized, Power Painted, PVC Coated
Painted ColorWhite, Gray, Orange, Green, Red, Pink, etc.
Bars/Rails3 rails, 4 rails, 5 rails, 6 rails, 7 rails (e.g., 1.8m high with 6 bars/rails, 1.6m high with 5 bars/rails)
PackingPacked in Steel Pallet or Bulk
Main MarketsAustralia, New Zealand, Canada, US, European Countries, Asian Countries


  1. Strong Build: Cattle panels for sale in NSW are crafted from heavy-duty steel tubes, fully welded for 360-degree strength. This ensures stability and resistance against breakage.

  2. Resistant to Corrosion and Long-Lasting: A combination of galvanization and paint coating makes these panels resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring they last for a long time.

  3. Simple to Set Up and Take Down: The horse panels connect easily using pin latches or chains. With J-legs and a metal base, they stand on their own without needing to dig holes or lay foundations.

  4. Safe for Animals: These panels are galvanized and smoothly polished, eliminating sharp edges and reducing the risk of injury to horses.

  5. Variety of Tube Shapes: Available in round, square, and oval tubes in various sizes, offering flexibility for different needs.


  1. Top-Quality Manual Welding: Expert welders ensure the best quality with manual welding. This attention to detail means you can trust the strength and reliability of each component, knowing it's made for on-farm use. Each piece undergoes thorough quality checks before being sent out.

  2. Fast Delivery: Supported by extensive inventories and full-scale fabrication services like sawing, shearing, forming, welding, and more, we ensure a short delivery time for your orders.

Applications Cattle Panels

  1. Enclosures for Horses: Ideal for creating round or square pens to keep horses in and predators out.

  2. Temporary Horse Retreats: Perfect for providing a resting area for horses.

  3. Equine Arenas: Suitable for building horse arenas.

  4. Horse Stables: Can be used in constructing horse stables.

  5. Farm Field Protection: Effective in safeguarding farm fields against wild animals and trespassers.

Characteristics of Cattle Panels

  1. Portable: Easy to handle, set up, remove, and store, offering flexibility in use.

  2. Robust and Stable: The interlocking system, quality steel, and full welding make the panel sturdy and resistant to damage. The heavy-duty coating ensures durability.

  3. Eco-Friendly: The panels connect without needing to dig holes or lay foundations, protecting the environment and grasslands.

  4. Safe for Livestock: Smooth edges and well-finished welding spots prevent injuries to animals.

  5. Cost-Effective: These Cattle Panels offer long-term service with minimal maintenance, making them a budget-friendly choice.


In conclusion, cattle panels are a highly versatile, durable, and essential component for modern farming and livestock management. Made from robust carbon steel and available in various dimensions and styles, including round, square, and oval pipe designs, they cater to a wide range of agricultural needs. Their galvanized and coated finish offers excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long service life and minimal maintenance.





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