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Cattle Panels for Sale - Perfect for Livestock


Product Description:

Looking for a Cattle Panels that's tough, reliable, and easy to use? Our top-range cattle panel is your perfect choice. Built with strong 50mm x 50mm uprights and 1.6mm thick steel, it's designed to last. The panel features five oval bars, each 120mm x 30mm and 1.8mm thick, ensuring your livestock stay safe and secure.

We provide pins and brackets with each panel, making it easy to lock them together. The metal caps on top protect the panels from rain, and the bottom plates let you secure them firmly to the ground. You can trust our cattle panels; they're built to stand strong without collapsing.

Our cattle panels are crafted from the finest galvanized steel and chain link mesh. The standard size comes with six rails, measuring 2.1m long and 1.8m high. If you need a different size, don't worry! We can customize the panels to suit your specific requirements.

Specifications Cattle Panels 

Height x Length (Normal Size)1.8m x 2.1m, 1.6m x 2.1m, 1.8m x 2.4m, 1m x 2.9m, etc.
Pole StyleRound pipe, square tube, oval tube
Pole Specification32mm OD, 42mm OD, RHS40mm, RHS50mm, etc.
Package DetailsIn steel pallets or bulk
Round Style Livestock Panels - Style1Hot-dipped galvanized, 1.8x2.1m, Round pipe: 40mm OD x 1.6mm thickness, 2 joining pins supplied
Round Style Livestock Panels - Style2Hot-dipped galvanized, 1.8x2.1m, Round pipe: 32mm OD x 1.6mm thickness, 2 joining pins supplied
Oval Tube Style Cattle PanelHot-dipped galvanized, 1.8x2.1m, Vertical pipe: 40x40mm RHS x 1.6mm thickness, Horizontal pipe: 30x60mm or 40x80mm oval rail x 1.6mm thickness, 2 joining pins supplied
Square Tube Style LivestockHot-dipped galvanized, 1.8x2.1m, Square pipe: 40x40mm RHS x 1.6mm thickness, 2 joining pins supplied
Sheep/Goat PanelSize: 1m(H) x 2.9m(L), Square tube, round tube, or oval tube
Panel GateOutside frame: 2250mm (H) x 2100mm (L) x 40x40mm x 1.6mm square tube, Gate: 1800mm (H) x 2030mm (L) x 30x60mm x 1.6mm oval tube - 6 bar, Hinges: 2 Hinges to support gate, Catch: Slam catch
Packing Terms - Cattle Fence PanelPlastic film + metal pallet
Packing Terms - Cattle Fence AccessorySmall plastic bag + carton box

Why Choose Our Cattle Panels?

  1. Quality Assurance: We check every product for quality before shipping.

  2. Exceptional After-Sale Service: You can track your order at any stage, from production to delivery.

  3. Years of Experience: With over six years in the export business, we handle your orders smoothly.

  4. Flexible Orders: We accept orders of all sizes, even less than a container.

  5. Timely Delivery: Expect your panels to arrive in 20-30 days.

  6. Various Payment Options: We offer multiple payment methods, including L/C and T/T.

  7. Customization Available: We can adjust the dimensions as per your request.

Advantages of Our Cattle Panels

  1. Portable: Easy to move around, set up, and take down.

  2. Strong and Stable: The interlocking system and quality steel make these panels extra sturdy.

  3. Eco-Friendly: No need to dig holes, protecting the environment.

  4. Safe for Livestock: Smooth edges ensure the safety of your animals.

  5. Cost-Effective: Get years of service at a low initial cost.

More About Our Panels

Our cattle yard panel, also known as a livestock or corral panel, is perfect for fencing livestock like cattle, sheep, goats, and even dogs. At TopFencing, we supply quality panels suitable for all livestock. Our panels are made from pre-galvanized RHS & pipe, ensuring durability and reliability.

You can use our versatile cattle panels for various purposes. They come with rounded edges, suitable as cattle, horse, or sheep panels. Want to integrate them into your existing yard? We provide extra C and L lugs for easy integration.

63Corral Panels.jpg

Different Styles Available

  1. Round Style Livestock Panels: Available in hot-dipped galvanized form, with two joining pins.

  2. Oval Tube Style Cattle Panel: Comes with vertical and horizontal pipes, and two joining pins.

  3. Square Tube Style Livestock: Hot-dipped galvanized with square pipes.

  4. Sheep/Goat Panel: Customize the size as per your needs.

  5. Panel Gate: Includes hinges and a slam catch for easy access.

Packing and Delivery

We pack cattle fence panels in plastic film and metal pallets. Accessories come in small plastic bags and carton boxes.

Choose our cattle panels for a dependable and easy-to-use solution for your livestock management needs.

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