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Chain Link Dog Kennels: Perfect Outdoor Solution for Your Pet


$80-132 per roll

Product Description:

Our chain link dog kennels, made from high-quality metal and available in various sizes, provide the perfect outdoor solution for your pets. With options ranging from 7.5x7.5x4ft to 13x13x6ft, these kennels cater to all needs. The silver color offers a classic look, but we also customize to your preference.



  • Item: chain link dog kennel.

  • Material: steel.

  • Fabric: 11-1/2 gauge, 2-1/4 in. mesh opening.

  • Tubing: 1-3/8 O.D. with 0.065 in wall thickness.

  • Height: 4', 5', 6'.

  • Length: 6' to 12'.

  • Finish: zinc-coated or PVC-coating.

  • Color: black, green and brown.

  • chain link dog kennel panels Hardware: tie wires, bracing bands and gate latches are supplied.

Size (H X L)

4feetx10feet, 6feet x 10feet, 8 feet x 10feet

Infill Mesh Opening

60x120mm,50mm x100mm, 100mm x 200mm,

Wire Diameter

Range From 3.00mm to 5.00mm

Outer&Middle Frame Pole chain link dog kennel panels

30mmx30mm,25mmx25mm,20mmx20mm ,
Thickness 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.00mm


Electro-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized

Delivery Time

From 1-5 containers promptly delivered within 28 days

Chain Link Dog Kennels Robust Construction:

These kennels feature 100% commercial-grade galvanized steel construction, ensuring strength and durability. The heavy-duty steel with rust-resistant wire can withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions. The fully enclosed waterproof tarp cover with a steel roof frame offers protection against sun, snow, or rain.


Easy Assembly and Cleaning:

Pre-assembled panels and gates make setup a breeze, requiring no tools. The 1.5-inch raised legs facilitate easy cleaning, allowing you to hose out or sweep up debris effortlessly.

Safety and Comfort Chain Link Dog Kennels :

Safety is a priority with our chain link dog kennels. The easy latch and lock gate keeps your pet secure, while the UV-protected roof cover ensures they stay comfortable in various weather conditions.



Customizable and Versatile:

The modular design allows for multiple configuration options, and you can connect multiple kennels without additional parts or panels. Ground anchoring is recommended for added stability.


These kennels are ideal for a range of outdoor settings, including yards, gardens, parks, and farms. They are suitable for dogs up to 85 pounds, providing ample space for them to move and rest.

Why Choose Our Chain Link Dog Kennels?

  • Durable and rust-resistant materials

  • Easy to assemble and clean

  • Secure locking mechanism

  • Spacious and comfortable for pets

  • Customizable sizes and colors

  • 3-year warranty

In conclusion, our chain link dog kennels offer a reliable, safe, and comfortable outdoor enclosure for your pets. Their durability, ease of use, and customizable features make them an excellent choice for pet owners.





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