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Chain Link Dog Kennels: Secure & Spacious Solutions for Your Pet


Product Description:

Chain Link Dog Kennels, a luck dog kennel is an area where a dog can be kept confined and get exercise. Because most dogs will get into just about anything, a private area keeps them safe from potential hazards such as poisonous plants and chemicals.

Advantages of chain link dog kennel

  1. Easy to assemble, even one female finished all of installing work within 1 hour of time

  2. 32 mm high quality hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes anti-corrosion yearly

  3. The Special Lock design was conveniently and 100% safe

  4. 60mm x 60mm x 2.30mm chain mesh design to avoid the dog hurt inside of a kennel

Optional extras

Depending on what you require, you have the choice of optional extras, ranging from:

  • an add-on waterproof roof to protect your dog from rain and UV rays

  • a pre-assembled gate

  • custom panel sizing.

Regardless of which option you choose, our animal enclosures are designed with the comfort of your pet in mind. They offer ample room to play in, giving them both space and protection.

Chain Link Dog Kennels Specifications

  • Material: Galvanized steel for the frame and chain link fabric. This material ensures durability and resistance to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  • Wire Diameter: Common wire gauges for the chain link fabric include 11 gauge, 12 gauge, and 13 gauge. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the wire.

  • Mesh Opening Size: Typically, the mesh opening size is 2.4" × 2.4" (61 mm × 61 mm), providing a balance between visibility and security.

  • Tube Diameter for Frame: The tube diameter for the frame is often 1.25" (32 mm), offering sturdy support for the entire kennel structure.

  • Coating: The steel frame and chain link fabric are usually coated with a layer of zinc (hot-dip galvanization) to protect against weather elements. Some may also feature a powder coat finish for added durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Dimensions: Common sizes for chain link dog kennels include:

7.5' L × 7.5' W × 4' H

10' L × 10' W × 6' H

13' L × 7.5' W × 6' H

13' L × 13' W × 6' H

These dimensions provide ample space for dogs to move around, exercise, and rest comfortably.

  • Accessories: Many kennels come with a gate that features a secure latch system to prevent escapes. Optional covers can also be available to offer protection from the elements.

  • Assembly: Chain link dog kennels are designed for relatively easy DIY assembly, requiring basic hand tools and no special skills. Assembly time can vary but is generally achievable within a few hours.

  • Customization: There is often the possibility to customize the size and features of the kennel according to specific needs, accommodating different breeds and outdoor spaces.

Features chain link dog kennel

This galvanized, two people, with standard hand tools, quickly assemble an outdoor dog enclosure.
a.The chain link is made of high-quality galvanized wire; it is easy to clean and has a long service life
b. A sizeable outdoor dog cage lockable latch keeps your pets from strangers.
c.No sharp edges to stab or scratch
d.Factory directly supplies, you can get the best price.
e.Designed the safety, security and comfort of your dog.
f.There are all sizes; you can always find one suitable for your dog.



In conclusion, a chain link dog kennel is an excellent investment for pet owners looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-maintain outdoor containment solution. It keeps pets safe and secure while offering them the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, making it an ideal choice for many dog owners.

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