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Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels for Construction Sites


Product Description:

BMP’s chain link temporary fence panels are a go-to solution for construction sites needing quick, secure, and flexible fencing options. These panels provide an effective barrier that's both easy to set up and adaptable to various environments, without the need for permanent changes to the site, like digging holes.


The Ease and Versatility of Chain Link Temporary Fence

BMP understands the need for fencing that’s as mobile as it is reliable. Our temporary fence panels, made from high-quality galvanized steel, are designed to stand up to the demands of any construction site. With a range of tubing sizes from 1¼” to 1⅞” and mesh apertures from 2” to 2½”, BMP’s fences cater to different security levels and site dimensions.


Specifications Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels

  • Tubing Options: Varied sizes to match project requirements.

  • Mesh Aperture: Multiple choices for more or less privacy.

  • Panel Heights & Widths: From 4ft high to 12ft wide, accommodating diverse site layouts.

  • Base Options: Three base sizes for stability on any ground.

  • Finish: Corrosion-resistant zinc coating for longer life.

Specification FeatureDetails
MaterialGalvanized Steel Construction
Tubing Diameter Options1¼” (32mm), 1⅜” (35mm), 1½” (38mm), 1⅗” (40mm), 1⅝” (42mm), 1⅞” (48mm)
Tubing Thickness16GA / 1.6mm standard, customizable
Mesh Aperture Sizes2”x2” (50mm x 50mm), 2¼”x2¼” (57mm x 57mm), 2⅜x2⅜ (60mm x 60mm), 2½”x2½” (63mm x 63mm)
Panel Heights4ft (1220mm), 6ft (1820mm), 8ft (2420mm)
Panel Widths12ft (3650mm), with options like 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft
Wire Diameter/Gauge10ga (3.2mm), 10.5ga (3.00mm), 11ga (2.90mm), up to 13ga (2.3mm)
Base Options- 36” L x 30” W x 8” H (914mm x 762mm x 203mm)

- 36” L x 16” W x 8” H (914mm x 406mm x 203mm)

- 30” L x 18” W x 8” H (762mm x 460mm x 203mm)
Standard ComplianceASTM A392-06
FinishCorrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
Transport PackingMetal pallet Wrapped with Plastic
Zinc Coating Thickness14 microns (100g/SQM) up to 84 microns (600g/SQM)

Benefits of Using BMP’s Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels Solutions:

  • Quick Installation: Set up a secure perimeter in minutes.

  • Weather-Resistant: Designed to last in various conditions.

  • Portable Design: Easily move and store thanks to removable feet.

  • Adaptable: Create an entry point anywhere along the fence line.

  • Reusable: A cost-effective solution that’s good for multiple uses.


Productive Process for Top Quality:

BMP’s manufacturing process is thorough and ensures high-quality results. We start with pre-hot dip galvanized wire, which is then cut, woven into mesh, and attached to cut-to-size pipes. After welding, each weld point receives an anti-rust epoxy treatment followed by a silver powder coating. This meticulous process guarantees that our temporary fence panels can withstand the elements and frequent relocation.

Packaging & Shipping Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels :

BMP packs each panel on steel pallets or in bulk to ensure safe and efficient transportation. Our shipping process is streamlined to ensure that your fencing arrives safely and is ready for immediate deployment upon arrival.

Why Choose BMP?

BMP is the trusted provider for chain link temporary fence panels, offering products that are easy to erect and highly adaptable. The durability of our fencing solutions means you get long-term value, as our fences are built to last much longer than standard temporary fencing. With BMP, you can secure your construction site effectively, with the assurance of quality and service that stands the test of time. For more details, visit our website or get in touch with our customer service team.

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