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Product Description:

Our chain link temporary fence is perfect for keeping construction sites secure. It's a cost-effective way to make sure only authorized people enter the area, while also keeping the public safe. With our temporary fence panels, you can choose from various sizes to get the security level you need. We offer designs like cross, vertical, or horizontal braces to fit any construction requirement. Each vertical fence post is cut in an ARC shape, allowing the horizontal pipe to fit perfectly. Our standard sizes, 6'x12' and 8'x12', are very popular in the United States market. For more details on our 6'x12' temporary fences, please reach out for more information.

Chain link temporary fences are super handy and offer a lot of benefits, especially when you need to keep a place secure for a short time. Let's talk about what they're used for and why they're so great.


  1. Construction Sites: These fences are perfect for surrounding building areas. They keep the site safe by only letting in people who are supposed to be there and keeping everyone else out.

  2. Events: Whether it's a concert, festival, or sports game, these fences help manage the crowd by guiding them where to go and keeping restricted areas off-limits.

  3. Public Safety: In areas where there's a lot of construction or potential hazards, these fences keep the public safe by steering them away from danger.

  4. Home Projects: Even for big projects at home, like when you're building a pool or adding on to your house, these fences keep the area secure.

Chain Link Temporary Fence Benefits:

  1. Easy to Move: Since they're temporary, you can easily set them up, take them down, and move them around as needed.

  2. Affordable: They offer a cost-effective way to add security. You get a lot of bang for your buck because they do a great job without costing too much.

  3. Durable: Made from strong materials, these fences can stand up to bad weather and wear and tear, so they last as long as you need them.

  4. Versatile: You can use them for all sorts of places and projects. Plus, they come in different sizes and styles to fit your specific needs.

  5. Quick Setup: You don't need a ton of time or special tools to put these fences up, making them a go-to for fast security solutions.

Chain Link Temporary Fence Specifications 

Table 1: Chain Link Temporary Fence Specifications - Tubing and Mesh Aperture

Tubing (Diameter)Thickness of TubingChain Mesh ApertureHeightWidthPanels Size
1¼" (32mm)14ga/2.00mm2"x2" (50mmx50mm)4ft12ft6ft x 12ft
1⅜" (35mm)14.5ga/1.90mm2¼"x2¼" (57mmx57mm)6ft8ft8ft x 12ft
1½" (38mm)15ga/1.80mm2⅜"x2⅜" (60mmx60mm)8ft9ft4ft x 12ft
1⅝" (42mm)16ga/1.60mm2½"x2½" (63mmx63mm)
1⅞" (48mm)16.5ga/1.50mm


Table 2: Chain Link Temporary Fence Specifications - Tubing and Diameter/Gauge

Tubing (Diameter)Thickness of TubingDiameter/GaugeHeightWidthPanels Size
1¼" (32mm)14ga/2.00mm10ga/3.2mm4ft12ft6ft x 12ft
1⅜" (35mm)14.5ga/1.90mm10.5ga/3.00mm6ft8ft8ft x 12ft
1½" (38mm)15ga/1.80mm11ga/2.90mm8ft9ft4ft x 12ft
1⅝" (42mm)15.5ga/1.70mm11.5ga/2.75mm
1⅞" (48mm)16ga/1.60mm12ga/2.60mm

Table 3: Chain Link Temporary Fence Specifications - Base Options and Standard

Base OptionBase Dimensions (LxWxH)Standard
Optional 136" x 30" x 8" (914mmx762mmx203mm)ASTM A392-06
Optional 236" x 16" x 8" (914mmx406mmx203mm)
Optional 330" x 18" x 8" (762mm x 460mm x 203mm)

Table 4: Chain Link Temporary Fence Specifications - Finish and Transport Packing

SteelFinishTransport Packing
Galvanized SteelCorrosion-Resistant Zinc CoatingMetal pallet Wrapped with Plastic

Table 5: Chain Link Temporary Fence Specifications - HDG Zinc Thickness

HDG Zinc ThicknessSteel
14 microns (100g/SQM)Galvanized Steel
28 microns (200g/SQM)
42 microns (300g/SQM)
84 microns (600g/SQM)


In conclusion, chain link temporary fences offer a practical and reliable solution for temporary perimeter fencing needs in various settings, including construction sites, events, and security applications. Their versatility in terms of size, strength, and durability makes them a popular choice for temporary fencing requirements.





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