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China Garrison Fencing: The Ultimate Solution for Robust


Product Description:

In the realm of security and elegance in fencing solutions, China Garrison Fencing stands out. This robust and stylish fencing option is not just a barrier but a statement of security, aesthetics, and durability. Let's explore how this fencing solution, crafted with precision and care, meets various needs and preferences.

Advantages of China Garrison Fencing:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Generally more affordable due to lower manufacturing and labor costs, offering budget-friendly options.

  2. Wide Product Range: A vast range of designs and styles available, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

  3. Large-Scale Production Capability: Suitable for large projects due to the capacity for high-volume production.

  4. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: Many Chinese manufacturers employ modern and efficient production methods.

  5. Global Export Expertise: Experienced in exporting globally, ensuring logistical and packaging proficiency.

  6. Innovative Designs: Often at the forefront of adopting new design trends and innovations in fencing.

  7. Economical for Bulk Orders: Particularly cost-effective for large orders, even when considering shipping and import costs.

Applications of China Garrison Fencing

  1. Residential Properties: Enhances home security without compromising on the aesthetic appeal.

  2. Commercial Areas: Ideal for businesses, offering a professional look while securing premises.

  3. Industrial Sites: Robust construction makes it suitable for high-security industrial areas.

  4. Educational Institutions: Provides a safe and secure environment for schools and colleges.

  5. Public Spaces: Perfect for parks, gardens, and community centers, balancing beauty and safety.

Benefits of Choosing China Garrison Fencing

  1. Enhanced Security: Features like spear tops deter intruders effectively.

  2. Durability: Made from high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Offers an elegant look, enhancing the property's visual appeal.

  4. Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, thanks to its powder-coated finish.

  5. Customization: Available in various sizes and colors to meet specific needs.

  6. Weather Resistance: Withstands various environmental conditions, maintaining its integrity over time.

Why China Garrison Fencing?

China Garrison Fencing, known for its strength and elegant design, is manufactured using cutting-edge technology and stringent quality control measures. This fencing solution, available in a variety of colors and styles, is not just a perimeter guard but also an enhancement to the aesthetic value of any property. Whether it's for a home, a business, or a public area,  Garrison Fencing provides a perfect blend of security and style.

China Garrison Fencing /Wrought Iron Fencing Specifications:

Specification CategoryDescription
MaterialQ195 Q235 Low Carbon Steel
Surface TreatmentGalvanized and Powder Coated
Color OptionsGreen, Black, White, Blue, etc.
ApplicationsResidential, Villa, Business and Industry Area, Factories, Workshops, Public Buildings, Parks, Roads

Dimensions and Design:

ComponentSize Options (mm)Notes
Horizontal Rail45mmx45mm or  40x40 50mmx50mm-
Vertical Rail16x16, 20x20-
Upright Picket25x25 (1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm)-
Post50x50x1.5, 60x60x2.0, 75x75x2.0-

China Garrison Fencing Model (2100mm x 2400mm):

Picket40x40x1.5mm (wall thickness)
Vertical Tubes17 pcs
Picket Spacing135mm
Posts60x60x2.0mm (wall thickness)
Heights150mm, 180mm, 210mm
ColoursBlack, White, Bronze, Hunter Green, etc.
Horizontal Rails2 Rails
MaterialPre-Galvanized Steel Tube
StrengthOver 350 lbs
TechnicalPre-Galvanized Steel Tube, Welded with Silicon Bronze or Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Satin Black
WarrantyLimited-Lifetime on Peeling, Cracking, and Fading

Additional Information:

  • Regular Data (Rails, Pickets, and Posts): Customizable dimensions with various rail, picket, and post sizes and spacing options.

  • Characteristic Features: Solid, durable, natural beauty, strong plasticity, simple installation, suitable for varying topographies, affordable pricing.


China Garrison Fencing is more than just a fence; it's a durable, stylish, and practical solution for a wide range of applications. Its combination of security features and aesthetic appeal makes it a top choice for those who value both safety and elegance. For those looking to secure their premises without sacrificing style,  Garrison Fencing is the ideal choice.

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