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Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers: Free Quote


Product Description:

In the realm of storage and transportation logistics, collapsible wire mesh containers stand out as a revolutionary solution, combining durability, efficiency, and flexibility. Commonly referred to as butterfly cages, these containers are pivotal for optimizing space, enhancing inventory management, and ensuring the safety of stored goods. Their design embodies innovation, with features tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern industries.




Applications and Benefits

Collapsible wire mesh containers are very flexible and useful in many areas, like manufacturing workshops, stores, and for storing things outside. They work great for both showing off products and keeping things organized, making the best use of space. Here are some of their top benefits:

  • Space Saving: You can fold these containers when you're not using them, which saves a lot of space. This is perfect for businesses that sometimes need more storage space and sometimes less.

  • Easy to See Inside and Good Air Flow: The design with open mesh lets you see what's inside easily, so you can check your inventory without trouble. It also lets air move freely, which helps keep moisture and mold away.

  • Strong and Long-lasting: These containers are made with a special kind of metal mesh that has a zinc coating. This makes them very strong and they can last a long time, which means you save money because you don't have to keep buying disposable packaging.

  • Easy to Use: They have doors that swing open halfway, so you can get to your stuff easily. They're also made to work well with forklifts from all sides, which makes moving them around simple.


Advantages Collapsible wire mesh containers

The advantages of collapsible wire mesh containers extend beyond their functional benefits, encompassing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability:

  • Operational Efficiency: Enhance workflow with easy access and transportability, thanks to options like wheeled cages and stackability.

  • Environmental Sustainability: As a reusable solution, these containers significantly reduce waste compared to disposable packaging, aligning with eco-friendly business practices.

Specifications and Packing

Each container model is designed to cater to specific storage and transport needs, with specifications detailed in a comprehensive table:

Specifications Table for Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

TypeExterior Dimensions (LxWxH mm)Wire Gauge (mm)Mesh Size (mm)Loading Capacity (kg)
ED-11140 x 830 x 9805-1255 x 113600
ED-51200 x 920 x 10185-1251 x 118600
ED-161200 x 920 x 10184.8-5.854 x 115900
ED-211168 x 850 x 9885.850 x 110400
ED-221200 x 1007 x 11745-1262 x 125600
ED-281200 x 1010 x 12005-1262 x 125800

Packing and Customization Options Collapsible wire mesh containers

  • Fold and Nest for Storage: Designed to be easily collapsible, saving significant storage space when not in use.

  • Customizable Features: Including options for 2, 3, or 4 sides and additional shelves to accommodate various storage needs.

  • Coating Options: Available with different finishes, such as bright electro-zinc plating for corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Mobility Enhancements: Models with wheels for easy maneuverability in workshops and on production floors.

  • Leak Prevention: Some models come with PVC or iron plates to prevent small items from falling out, enhancing the containment of stored materials.

Packing Details:

  • Efficient Packaging: Containers are designed for easy folding and nesting, maximizing space utilization during transport and storage.

  • Customization: Options for additional sides, shelves, and specific coatings like PVC for leak prevention cater to diverse storage requirements.


Collapsible wire mesh containers embody the synergy of form and function, offering businesses a robust solution for storage and transportation challenges. Their adaptability, coupled with environmental and operational benefits, positions them as an indispensable asset in logistics. As industries continue to evolve, the reliance on such efficient and sustainable storage solutions will undoubtedly grow, further solidifying the role of wire mesh containers in the logistics landscape.





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