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Commercial Security Fencing: Enhance Your Business Protectio


Product Description:

Our commercial security fencing is not just a barrier; it's a robust line of defense that combines functionality with style. Here's why our fencing solutions are the top choice for businesses.

Why Choose Our Commercial Security Fences?

Strength and Compliance: Made from high-grade steel, our fences are built to last. They comply with Australian Standard 1926.1-2012, ensuring your fence isn't just strong, but also meets safety regulations.

Versatile Design: With options like through rail designs and various color choices, our fences add aesthetic value to your business premises. They're more than just functional; they enhance the look of your property.

Customizable and Low Maintenance: Our Commercial Security Fencing come in various heights and lengths, suitable for different commercial needs. With finishes like pre-galvanized and powder-coated steel, they require minimal upkeep while offering maximum durability.

Secure and Easy to Install: Our innovative design features stainless steel security screw connections, making installation quick and straightforward. This feature provides a strong, tamper-proof barrier without the need for traditional welding.

Specifications Commercial Security Fencing:

  • Material: Galvanized Steel

  • Finishes: Powder Coated, Optional Hot Dipped Galvanizing

  • Colors: Black, White, Cream, Green, Charcoal, and More

  • Panel Heights: From 900 mm to 1800 mm

  • Panel Widths: 2400 mm or 3000 mm

  • Rail Specs: 38 x 25 x 1.6 mm

  • Tube Specs: 16 mm and 19 mm

  • Tube Spacing: 98 mm to 103 mm Centers

Specification CategoryDetails
Product NameCommercial Security Steel Picket Fence
MaterialGalvanized Steel
Finish OptionsPre-galvanized & Powder Coated; Hot Dipped Galvanized (Optional)
Design OptionsThrough Rail
Colors AvailableWhite, Black, Cream, Green, Charcoal, Clare, Blue, etc.
Standard ComplianceTested to Australian Standard 1926.1-2012
Panel Height (mm)Ranges from 900 to 1800
Panel Width (mm)2400 or 3000
Rail Specifications (mm)38 x 25 x 1.6
Tube Specifications16mm and 19mm
Tube SpacingBetween 98mm to 103mm
Inground Post Height (mm)Ranges from 1500 to 2500
Flanged Post Heights (mm)Ranges from 1100 to 2000
Standard Post Specifications (mm)50 x 50 x 1.6
Accessories and FittingsPost caps, tek screws, pool latches and hinges, gate fitting packs, touch-up paint, etc.
AdvantagesHigh quality, low maintenance, NATA tested, compliant with safety standards, suitable for a wide range of commercial applications
ApplicationsIndustrial & commercial sites, boundary fencing, schools, parks, gardens, homes, public facilities
Additional FeaturesAnti-corrosion treatment, customizable sizes, various color options, easy installation

Applications of Our Commercial Security Fencing:

Our steel picket fences are perfect for a range of commercial applications:

  • Perimeter Fencing: Secure your business boundaries effectively.

  • Privacy Fencing: Create a private space for your commercial activities.

  • Decorative Fencing: Enhance the appearance of your business premises.

  • Safety Fencing: Provide a safe environment for employees and visitors.


In conclusion, our commercial security fencing is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a blend of security, functionality, and style. With customizable options, easy installation, and compliance with safety standards, these fences provide a reliable and attractive solution for any commercial property.

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