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Construction Fence Screen: High Tensile Strength and Durability


Product Description:
Our Construction Fence Screen Made From Made from 100% new Polyethylene materials( not recycled material), with high tensile strength, heavy-duty knitted construction, UV treated inside through the UV stabilizers and oxidation treatment, Enables Construction Fence Screen with strong with tensile, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, radiation, light and so on. These Construction Screens are Double-stitched binding to enhance weave and provide more durability.

A construction fence screen is like a big, sturdy curtain for construction sites. It wraps around the site, giving workers some privacy and keeping dust and debris from spreading everywhere. Here’s how people use it and why it’s helpful:


  1. Building Sites: It surrounds areas where buildings are going up or being fixed. This keeps the site hidden and tidy.

  2. Events: It's used to block off areas under construction from visitors, so events go smoothly without the mess being in the way.

  3. Gardens and Outdoor Areas: It can protect plants and outdoor spaces from construction mess.

  4. Privacy: People put it up to stop others from looking into construction areas or private events.

Construction Fence Screen Benefits:

  1. Privacy: It keeps the construction work hidden from nosy onlookers.

  2. Safety:Construction Fence Screen stops dust, debris, and tools from flying out of the site, which could hurt someone walking by.

  3. Dust Control: It helps keep the air clean around the site by trapping dust.

  4. Better Look: It makes construction sites look neater, which is good for businesses and neighborhoods.

  5. Advertising: Companies often print their logos or ads on these screens, turning the fence into a big billboard.

  6. Windbreak: It cuts down on wind blowing through the site, making it easier to work and keeping things from blowing away.


Specification Construction Fence Screen

Virgin HDPE 100%
Shade Rate
Green, Black, Any color according to request
1-12 m(as required)
Roll Length
50m, 100m, 200m(as per required)
One roll packed with one strong PE bag with one color label

Advantage of Construction Fence Screen

Rot-proof brass grommet on all sides to avoid rust, weathering, chipping, peeling.
It can be used for commercial and residential fences, such as the back yard, construction, garden and boat.
Easily install if purchase the zip ties together.
We supplied Shade cloth Come with a five-year lifespan and three-year warranty.
Any custom size and shape is available for customizing your fence privacy screen.

Feature of Construction Fence Screen

Compare the various grades of Construction Fence Screen as below. The 30% is very open-knit, the 50% is a more tightly knitted fabric, 70% is very tightly knitted, and 90% is too tightly knitted.

  • 30% ,50%,70% 90%Density

  • Rolls Size :1.83m x 50m or 2.0m x 50m standard

  • Highest UV 5 treated

  • Available any color

When ordering your Construction Fence Screen, make sure you have all the right accessories to get the job done. These include;
  • UV stabilized cable ties

  • Butterfly clips

  • Hog rings and Hog ring pliers

  • Screen cutter

  • Hold-on Midi clips


Construction Fence Screen is Mainly used for fence industries other crop cultivation and aquaculture protective poultry industry and so on to improve yields significant results. Application:
Safety netting, Debris & wind protection, Paint overspray, Dust control, Sandblast containment, Fenceline, Shade cloth, Safety Green Net ETC. Temp Fence Screen has taken quality and performance to a higher level, creating a super high quality knitted fence screen developed explicitly as a long-term solution for fence privacy and shade protection. For years we have been working to develop the perfect construction fence screen. Our goal was to create a product that would combine privacy, air-flow and longevity, a product that could indeed hold up to any outdoor climate.

How to Choose you to block out the rate of Shade Cloth

  • 50% block-out – partial visual block-out with improved dust control

  • 70% block-out – preferred for corporate branding. Also preferred for agricultural purposes

  • 90% block-out – our highest quality Construction Fence Screen visual block-out with the highest level of UV protection, also provides more profound and more distinctive color options

  • If you need more pieces of information on shade cloth

Fence Screen Offering nearly complete visibility blockage of 96%, it's ideal for any fence project needing a high level of privacy fence cover. The construction fence privacy fabric is lightweight and tightly knit, offering maximum privacy coverage without adding significant weight to your temporary fence. Our Fence Screen is designed to stand up to the outdoor elements. Construction Fence Screen usually comes by 180gsm. With white and gray color, white and yellow color, etc.





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