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Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence - Durable & Elegant


Product Description:

Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence – a heavy-duty security solution that's as robust as it is elegant. Available exclusively in a sleek black color, this fence adds a touch of sophistication to any property.

Crimped spears add to steel fencing panels in a couple of important ways. First off, they make the fence look better. The unique shape of the spears gives the fence a more elegant and finished appearance. It's not just about looks, though. These spears also make the fence much safer because they make it harder for someone to climb over. The pointed ends are a clear sign to keep out, which is great for keeping a property secure. So, crimped spears are not just for show; they really boost the fence's ability to protect an area.

Perfect Dimensions for Protection
Our fence spans 2400mm in width and stands 1800mm tall, featuring a crimped diamond shape that's not just about looks; it's about strength.

Solid Build, Superior Design
Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence With a 40x40x1.6mm top rail and 25x25x1.2mm verticals, the structure is built to last. Seventeen vertical pickets, each 20x20mm and crowned with a diamond crimp, ensure durability and a distinctive appearance.

Balanced Visibility and Security
The design allows for a 110mm gap between pickets, striking the right balance between visibility and security.

Foundation of Strength
Each 60x60x2mm thick post is 3m long, providing a firmer foundation than the standard 2.6m posts offered elsewhere.

Attention to Detail
Every Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence comes with standard and security fence powder-coated brackets, and caps for the 60x60 posts, ensuring every detail adds to both aesthetics and functionality.

Prepared to Last
The phosphate treatment before powder coating is a crucial step that many overlook. This process ensures our fences stand the test of time against the elements.

Fully Protected, Fully Assured
Rest easy knowing that all panels are fully protected to deliver security and longevity.

Applications That Span Across Horizons

Whether it’s setting boundaries for residential homes, schools, or commercial premises, our Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence is versatile. It's perfect for areas with challenging terrain like mountains and slopes, making it a go-to for diverse land situations.

Benefits That Stand Tall Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence 

Our Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence are not just about creating boundaries; they're about breaking barriers in fencing solutions. They are easy to transport and install, cater to various land types, and offer an economic option for those seeking quality without compromise.

Why Choose Our Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence?

  1. Wrought Iron Fence: Melds timeless design with modern strength.

  2. Galvanized and Powder Coated: For a finish that fights rust and fades.

  3. Craftsmanship and Quality: Built with care to last through the years.

  4. Customizable: Tailor-made to fit your unique requirements.

Product TypeCrimp Top Picket Steel Fence
DimensionsWidth: 2400mm x Height: 1800mm
Top Rail40x40x1.6mm
Vertical Pickets17 pickets, 20x20mm with diamond crimp
Picket Gap110mm
Posts60x60x2mm, 3m long
BracketsNormal and Security fence brackets (powder coated)
Post CapsCaps for 60x60 posts (powder coated)
Treatment Before CoatingPhosphate treated
ProtectionAll panels are fully protected

When you're looking at options for a sturdy and lasting fence, the Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence stands out, especially when you consider the two popular finishes: hot-dipped galvanized and powder-coated. Here’s a simple guide on how to choose between them.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized: The Armor Against Rust Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence 

Hot-dipped galvanization involves dipping the steel fence in a vat of molten zinc. This coats the steel with a thick layer of zinc which protects it from rust. If you're in a place with lots of rain, near the ocean, or somewhere that deals with a lot of snow and ice, a hot-dipped galvanized Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence could be your best bet. The zinc coating acts like armor, protecting the fence from harsh weather and rust. It's a great choice when long-term durability is your top priority.

Powder-Coated: The Shield of Color and Protection

Powder coating, on the other hand, adds a layer of protective paint to your steel fence that also gives it color. If you want your fence to match the style of your home or garden, powder coating offers you this versatility. The powder-coated finish also shields the steel from rust and can handle a lot of wear and tear. It's cured under heat to form a skin-like layer on the fence, which doesn’t just protect; it looks good while doing it.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Can't decide? You don't always have to. Some fences offer both – they're hot-dipped galvanized first and then powder-coated. This combo gives you the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion, plus the aesthetic freedom to choose a color that suits your taste.

Making Your Choice Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence 

When it comes down to choosing, think about your climate, the look you want, and how much maintenance you're willing to do. Hot-dipped galvanized fences are low-maintenance and incredibly durable. Powder-coated fences add a splash of color and extra protection, but they may need a touch-up if the coating chips.

Manufactured with Precision, Packaged with Care

The process from cutting to coating is meticulously managed to ensure every fence panel is perfect. And when it's time to send our fences on their way, we pack them with precision – whether in bulk, on pallets, or assembled, ready for easy installation.

Secure your property with a fence that offers peace of mind and curb appeal. Choose our Crimp Top Picket Steel Fence – where safety meets style.

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