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Crowd Control Barriers at Events and Construction Sites


Product Description:

BMP manufactures and supplies a wide range of steel crowd control barriers and pedestrian barricades. This range includes barriers with flat feet, claw feet, and bridge feet. We hand-weld our crowd control barriers for added strength and design them with an easy-to-use interlocking system for quick installation. You can buy our crowd control barriers with a galvanized finish or powder-coated in high-visibility safety yellow. We also offer custom color powder coating for crowd control barriers if you order a certain amount. Besides, we provide printed shade cloth to help increase your event or mine site's branding.

Crowd control barriers offer several benefits:

  1. They help keep people safe by guiding them away from dangerous areas or managing large crowds at events.

  2. Barriers make organizing events easier by directing flow of people and traffic efficiently.

  3. They reduce the risk of accidents by separating crowds from traffic or hazardous places.

  4. The design of these barriers, especially those with flat feet, minimizes tripping hazards.

  5. They are easy to move and set up, thanks to their lightweight design and removable feet.

  6. Barriers can last a long time, being weather-resistant and durable.

  7. They also help maintain order and prevent chaos in crowded places by clearly marking areas.

Specification crowd control barriers

Panel sizes1100x2100mm, 1100x2200mm, 1100x2500mm
Frame pipes O.D20mm, 25mm (popular), 32mm, 40mm, 42mm, 48mm
Infill pipes O.D14mm, 16mm, 20mm (popular), 25mm
Thickness of pipe1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Spacing60mm, 100mm, 190mm (popular), 200mm
FeetFlat metal feet (600x60x6mm)


  1. We fully galvanize the barriers with hot dip after welding them, giving them a zinc coating thicker than 70 microns.

  2. They resist weather well, are durable, and can last over ten years.

  3. These barriers are lightweight and easy to move but still strong.

  4. You can remove the feet, which makes moving and storing them much easier and efficient.


Crowd control barriers are perfect for managing people in different situations. They help keep the public safe and maintain order.


  • Hand welded and 360 degrees welded for strength.

  • Hot dipped galvanized for longevity – more than 70 microns, can last for more than ten years.

  • Sturdy, lightweight frames are stacking or moving.

  • Easy interlocking system for fast installation

  • Removable/locking feet for stacking and storing ease

  • Flat foot design for avoiding trip hazards

Hooks and Foot Of Crowd Control Barriers

As an ODM and OEM crowd control barriers manufacturer, we are available to bridge foot and fixed foot as well flat steel foot among all of them, the flat steel foot is most popular


Crowd control barriers come with a strong hook for linking. This hook bends to create a tight lock, connecting the panels effectively.

A male hook typically uses a 5/8" steel rod. The part that receives the hook is usually a 3/16" by 1.5" steel plate, helping to join the panels together.

Flat feet:

  1. Barriers with a flat foot are perfect for events or places where you need to guide crowds or traffic in straight lines.

  2. The design of the flat foot reduces the risk of tripping. Vehicle tires can roll over the foot easily without damaging the barrier.

  3. The flat foot spreads out the weight evenly, and rubber grommets protect floors that are easy to scratch. You can anchor the foot to the ground using two holes in each foot. It measures 8'6" x 43" and weighs 57 lbs.


  • A) iron tube + cut + bend + punch + polish + weld + polish + hot galvanized

  • B) hot galvanized tube + cut + bend + punch + polish + weld + polish + paint (weld point)

Package Crowd Control Barriers

  • Bubble wrap at the bottom of the pallet can protect the last barrier

  • The small piece of carton paper between every two barriers to prevent rubbing against each other

  • Carton paper under the pacing belt

Our Services

  • 1.No matter what FOB or CIF the price term is, as a crowd control barriers manufacturer, we would try our best to find the lowest freight cost for customers' reference.

  • 2. The third-party inspection always gets accurate and authentic data from us, and we will send production photos to customers if there is no inspection.

  • 3. Do our best to help customers arrange the shipment and customs clearance.

  • 4. Installation, maintenance and repair instructions with complete information.

  • 5.3-8 years warranty depends on different products.

  • 6. As a crowd control barriers manufacturer, we Accept Changing or Refunding if the products can not be installed rightly.


In conclusion, manufacturers of crowd control barriers focus on creating strong, durable, and easy-to-use solutions for managing crowds and directing traffic. They use quality materials like hot-dipped galvanized steel to ensure the barriers last long and can withstand various weather conditions. The design features, like removable feet and interlocking hooks, make these barriers versatile for different events and settings. Flat-foot designs minimize tripping hazards and protect floors, making these barriers ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Overall, crowd control fence manufacturers aim to provide safe, efficient, and reliable products that meet the needs of event organizers and venues.





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