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Crowd Control Barriers for Sale: Secure and Efficient Management


Product Description:

BMP presents its US Standard 3.6'x8.6' Crowd Control Barriers for Sale, a reliable solution for managing crowds efficiently. These barriers are designed for durability and ease of use.


Key Specifications Crowd Control Barriers for Sale

  • Dimensions: Height: 3.6' (1100mm), Width: 8'6" (2600mm).

  • Main Frame: Made from 1" tubing with a 16ga wall thickness.

  • Upright Bars: 5/8" with a 19ga thickness, spaced at 4"/100mm.

  • Base: Removable steel base measuring W60mm x L600mm x Thick 6.00mm.

  • Finish: Pre-Galvanized and cold zinc painted welding with a minimum of 366gram/sqm.



  • A 40HC container can load up to 808 units.

Design and Material Crowd Control Barriers for Sale

  • Overall Frame: Comprises 32mm diameter pre-galvanized steel tubing, 1.3mm thickness, with a smooth, seamless bend.

  • Grill Design: Features 15 equally-spaced bars inside vertical members, each made from 13mm diameter pre-galvanized steel tubing, minimum 1.0mm thickness.

  • Locking System: An interlocking system for easy installation and enhanced strength.

  • Feet: Legs welded onto the bottom bar for stability.



  • Pre-galvanized with silver paint on welding points for longevity.

Benefits of BMP's Crowd Control Barriers for Sale

  • Easy to Set Up: Simple interlocking system ensures quick installation.

  • Robust Construction: Durable materials ensure long-lasting use.

  • Effective Crowd Control: Ideal for managing large crowds efficiently.

  • Versatility: Suitable for events, construction sites, and public gatherings.


BMP’s Crowd Control Barriers are perfect for:

  • Public events, concerts, and festivals.

  • Construction site demarcation.

  • Sports events and large gatherings.

  • Any situation requiring effective crowd management.

Why Choose BMP Crowd Control Barriers for Sale?

  • Quality Assurance: BMP barriers meet stringent quality standards.

  • Customization: Available in different specifications to suit your needs.

  • Efficient Design: Offers both security and ease of handling.

How to make crowd control barriers ?

Materials Needed

  1. Steel Tubing: For the frame, get 1-inch diameter steel tubing with a 16ga wall thickness.

  2. Upright Bars: Use 5/8-inch diameter steel tubing with a 19ga thickness.

  3. Steel for Base: A steel plate for the base, measuring 60mm wide, 600mm long, and 6mm thick.

  4. Zinc Paint: For coating and rust protection.

  5. Welding Equipment: To join the parts together.

  6. Measuring Tape and Marker: For precise measurements and marking.

Steps to Make Crowd Control Barriers

  1. Cut the Steel Tubing: Cut the 1-inch tubing to the desired length of 8'6" (2600mm) and height of 3.6' (1100mm).

  2. Prepare Upright Bars: Cut the 5/8-inch tubing into pieces, each of 1100mm. Space them evenly, about 100mm apart.

  3. Assemble the Frame: Weld the upright bars between two horizontal pieces of the 1-inch tubing. Ensure all joints are fully welded.

  4. Attach the Base: Weld the steel base plate to the bottom of the frame.

  5. Apply Finish: Paint the welded points with zinc paint for corrosion resistance.

  6. Check for Quality: Ensure all welds are strong and the paint covers all exposed metal.

Tips for Effective Barriers

  • Ensure Stability: The base should be heavy enough to keep the barrier upright but light enough to move.

  • Spacing is Key: Proper spacing of upright bars is essential for strength and visibility.

  • Safety First: Smooth out any sharp edges during the welding process.



Choose BMP’s Crowd Control Barriers for effective and efficient crowd management. Whether for events, construction sites, or public gatherings, these barriers provide the perfect solution for safety and order. Contact BMP for crowd control barriers that you can rely on.

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