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Cyclone Fence for Sale: Durable and Versatile for All Your Needs


$80-132 per roll

Product Description:

 Are you looking for a Cyclone Fence for Sale ? We've got just what you need and making fences for over 15 years and all our products meet CE and TUV standards. We've shipped to the USA, EU, Africa, and more. Just tell us the exact size you need and we'll give you a great price.


Production Process:

  1. Material Selection: We start by choosing the right material. This could be galvanized steel, plastic-coated steel, or even stainless steel wire.

  2. Weaving the Fence: Next, we weave the wire into a diamond pattern. This is what gives cyclone fences their signature look.

  3. Coating for Durability: After weaving, we coat the wire. This could be a galvanization process for steel wire or applying PVC for plastic-coated fences. This step protects the fence from rust and weather damage.

  4. Cutting to Size: Once coated, we cut the fence into panels. We can make them in various sizes, depending on what our customers need.

  5. Making It Safe: The edges of the fence can be sharp. So, we twist or fold them to make them safe to handle. This is called the 'edge type' - it can be twisted, knuckled, or a combination of both.



Cyclone Fence for Sale Packing Process:

  1. Rolling the Fence: We roll each fence panel tightly. This makes them easier to handle and transport.

  2. Protective Wrapping: Each roll gets a layer of waterproof paper. This keeps the fence dry and protected during transport.

  3. Bagging It Up: We then put each roll into a woven bag or PVC bag. This extra layer keeps the fence safe from scratches and dents.

  4. Final Check: Before we send them off, we do a final check. We make sure each roll is packed properly and securely.

  5. Ready for Shipping: Now, the fences are ready to go. We load them up and send them to their new homes, ready to be installed.


Hot Sale Product: Cyclone Fence for Sale

We're a top supplier for importers, wholesalers, and distributors. We choose materials and processes that follow strict international standards. We've got 10 years of export experience and we’re online 24/7 to talk about all the details with you. Yes, we do OEM too!


Galvanized Cyclone Fence for Sale

Please send us the exact details you need, so we can offer you the best price.

Specifications in Table:

Opening (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Length (m)Width (m)MaterialFinishEdge TypeColor
25-1001.2-5.00.50-1000.5-5.0Low carbon steel wire, Galvanized wire, PVC coated wireElectro galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated, Stainless steelTwisted, Knuckle, Twisted-knuckleGreen, White, Black, Brown, Blue, etc.

Cyclone Fence for Sale Applications and Benefits:

  • Security: Great for keeping areas safe.

  • Boundary Fencing: Perfect for marking property lines.

  • Security Cages and Enclosures: Ideal for securing valuable items.

  • Internal Factory Partitions: Separate different sections of your factory.

  • Park and Oval Fencing: Keep parks and sports fields enclosed.

  • Tennis Courts, Cricket Net Enclosures: Great for sports facilities.

  • Safety Barrier & Screen Fencing: Keep people safe from danger areas.

  • Custom Gates: We can make gates to fit your needs.

Cyclone Fence for Sale Packing and Shipping:

We pack our fences in woven bags top and bottom, and roll them up with waterproof paper inside and out. We can pack them however you like, just let us know.




Cyclone Fence for Sale Our Services:

  • Samples: Yes, we provide free samples.

  • Payment Terms: T/T or L/C, 30% deposit, balance before shipping.

  • Loading Port: Tianjin Port or as you need.

  • Factory Address: Nanhuan East Road, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China.

Company Information:

Founded in 2002, our factory covers 10,000 square meters. We have 81-120 employees and serve markets all over the world. We offer OEM, design, and buyer label services. Our main products include chain link fence, temporary chain link fence, chain link dog kennels, and welded wire mesh fence.

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