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Dog Kennel chain link - Secure & Spacious for Your Pet


Product Description:

Discover the perfect solution for your pet with our dog kennel chain link fences. These fences let your pets see outside, making them feel free while keeping them safe and secure. The chain link material is tough against chewing and scratching, strong enough to hold back even the most determined pets. It's the ideal choice for keeping dogs and other small animals.

Visit us to explore our wide range of products, including chain link dog cages, square tube dog cages, dog fences, and dog running cages. We have expert designers ready to tailor dog cages to fit your market's needs perfectly.

We're proud to serve major markets like the USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India.

Our chain link dog kennel gate latch is designed with your pet's safety in mind. It reduces the gap between the gate and its frame, making it hard for your pets to escape. Unlike regular latches that open with a simple lift, our dog-proof latch needs to be lifted straight up and then turned, a trick most dogs can't manage. This keeps your pets safer inside their kennel. Reach out with your inquiries or come visit us to see our products firsthand.

20210725090933_68779.jpgBMP-01: Dog kennel gate latch.2.jpgBMP-02: Kennel gate latch for a single gate.

Gate Hinged 

Check out our dog kennel chain link gate hinges, made just right to keep your pets safe. These hinges make sure the gate fits snugly against the frame, so your pets have a hard time trying to escape. Our special design gets rid of the usual female hinge. Instead, you attach the strap side directly to the frame and connect the male part to the gate. This means there's a lot less space between the gate and the frame than with regular hinges. You'll use two of these hinges for each gate, one at the top and one at the bottom, but they're only for 1-3/8" pipe gates. And don't worry, we include the 3/8" × 2" carriage bolts you'll need for setup.


Product Details:

  • Item: Dog Kennel Hinge

  • Material: Pressed Steel

  • Suitable Pipe Size: 1-3/8 inch

  • Included Hardware: 3/8" × 2" Carriage Bolts

  • Finish: Hot-dip Galvanized for Long-lasting Protection


BMP-02: Welded wire mesh kennel gate hinge.


Our dog kennel chain link saddle clamps, also known as panel clamps, are perfect for holding two panels together. You'll find them super handy when putting up a dog kennel or setting up temporary panels. They fit pipes that are 1-3/8, 1-5/8, and 2 inches in diameter. Every set comes with the carriage bolts and nuts needed for the job.

Product Details:

  • Item: Dog Kennel Panel Saddle Clamp

  • Material: Galvanized Pressed Steel

  • Pipe Size Options: 1-3/8, 1-5/8, and 2 inches

  • Carriage Bolt Size: 5/16" × 1-1/4"

  • Each purchase includes two pairs of kennel saddle clamps to connect two panels securely.

BMP-03: Ideal for connecting two chain-link panels easily.


Gate latch Dog Kennel chain link 

Check out our dog kennel gate latch, perfect for keeping your dog safe and secure. It's made from tough pressed steel, designed to latch gates tightly. This latch works great for both the post and gate frame, which are 1-3/8 inches in size. To make sure it lasts a long time, we've coated it with a hot-dip galvanized finish.

Product Details:

  • Item: Dog Kennel Gate Latch

  • Material: Pressed Steel

  • Suitable for Post and Gate Frame Size: 1-3/8 inches

  • Finish: Hot-dip Galvanized for extra durability


Chain Link Dog Kennel Panels Specifications

ItemCover TypeKennel SizesPackage
BMP-01Without cover7.5′ (L) × 7.5′ (W) × 4′ (H)1 PC/CNT

229 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 122 cm (H)
BMP-02Without cover10′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 6′ (H)1 PC/CNT

305 cm (L) × 305 cm (W) × 183 cm (H)
BMP-03Without cover13′ (L) × 7.5′ (W) × 6′ (H)1 PC/CNT

396 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 183 cm (H)
BMP-04Without cover13′ (L) × 13′ (W) × 6′ (H)1 PC/CNT

396 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 183 cm (H)
BMP-05With cover7.5′ (L) × 7.5′ (W) × 5.5′ (H)1 PC/CNT

229 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 168 cm (H)
BMP-06With cover10′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 7.5′ (H)1 PC/CNT

305 cm (L) × 305 cm (W) × 229 cm (H)
BMP-07With cover13′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 10′ (H)1 PC/CNT

396 cm (L) × 396 cm (W) × 305 cm (H)
BMP-08With cover13′ (L) × 13′ (W) × 7.5′ (H)1 PC/CNT

396 cm (L) × 396 cm (W) × 229 cm (H)

Dog Kennel Chain Link: Applications and Benefits


  1. Outdoor Homes for Pets: Chain link dog kennels are perfect for giving your dog a safe outdoor space. They can play, sleep, and relax in these kennels.

  2. Pet Safety: If you need to keep your dog outside for a while, these kennels are a secure place to do so. They stop your pet from running off or getting into trouble.

  3. Training Space: These kennels can also be a spot where you train your dog. They have enough room for various training exercises.

  4. Temporary Holding Area: When you have guests or during parties, you can use these kennels to keep your pets safe and comfortable away from the crowd.


  • Strong and Durable: Chain link kennels are made to last. They can handle all sorts of weather and don’t get damaged easily by dogs who chew or claw.

  • See-through: Dogs can see out of these kennels, so they don’t feel trapped. It keeps them calm and happy.

  • Easy to Set Up: You can put these kennels together with basic tools. It doesn’t take long to create a safe space for your pet.

  • Flexible Sizes: You can find kennels in various sizes or even ask for a custom size. This means you can get the perfect fit for your space and your dog.

  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning these kennels is simple. You can just spray them down with a hose and use regular cleaning products.

Conclusion Dog Kennel chain link 

In conclusion, chain link dog kennels stand out as a practical and reliable solution for pet owners seeking a secure and spacious outdoor area for their dogs. With their durability, ease of maintenance, and the ability to provide a clear view for pets, these kennels ensure that dogs can enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably. Whether for exercise, play, or training, chain link kennels cater to various needs, offering flexibility in size and easy installation. They represent an excellent investment for those looking to enhance their pet's outdoor experience, ensuring peace of mind for owners and a quality living space for dogs.

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