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Dog Run: Perfect Outdoor Solution for Your Pet's Exercise Needs


$80-132 per roll

Product Description:

BMP presents a versatile dog run, perfect for giving your pets a secure and spacious outdoor area. This dog kennel is not just for dogs; it's also great for hens, offering protection from predators.


  1. Safe Outdoor Space for Dogs: Dog kennels offer a secure area for dogs to play and relax outdoors. This helps keep them safe while they enjoy fresh air and exercise.

  2. Training Area: Kennels can serve as a perfect spot for dog training. It's a controlled environment where dogs can learn commands and good behavior without distractions.

  3. Temporary Holding Area: When guests visit or during family events, dog kennels provide a safe place to keep dogs temporarily. This ensures they don't run off or get into trouble.

  4. Travel and Camping: Portable Dog Run are great for trips or camping. They let dogs join in on outdoor adventures while keeping them confined at night or when unsupervised.

  5. Space for Recovering Dogs: If a dog is injured or recovering from surgery, a kennel can be a quiet place for them to rest and heal, away from the hustle of the house.

  6. Breeding Control: For dog breeders, kennels are essential in managing breeding programs and keeping dogs separated as needed.

  7. Protection from Weather: Kennels often come with sheltered areas that protect dogs from harsh weather conditions like extreme sun, rain, or snow.

High-Quality Construction Dog Run  :

Crafted from 33mm galvanized steel tubes, BMP's dog run guarantees durability and sturdiness. The chain link wire mesh is 60 x 60mm sq and 2.1mm thick, ensuring a well-ventilated yet secure enclosure for your pets.

Easy Assembly and Protection:

The dog run features a lockable hinge for added security (padlock not included). It comes with a FREE ROOF COVER to protect your pet from harsh weather. Assembly is straightforward with a step ladder, socket set, and pliers.

Dog Run Versatile Use and Benefits:

This dog run is not only an outdoor enclosure but also a valuable tool for pet training and play. The spacious design allows pets to exercise, and the lockable gate keeps them safe.

Dog Run Specifications Table:

Product TypeDog Run
Material33mm Galvanized Steel Tube
Overall Dimensions- 2m x 3m x 1.8m (6.6 x 9.8 x 5.10ft)  - 6m x 3m x 1.8m (19.8ft x 9.8 x 5.10ft)
Chain Link Wire Mesh60 x 60mm square, 2.1mm thick Galvanized Wire
RoofFull Roof Shade; Free Roof Cover Included
Lock FeatureLockable Hinge for Padlock Use
ColorSilver (Standard), Other Colors Customizable
Additional Features- Suitable for Dogs and Hens  - Provides Protection from Sun and Rain  - Recommended to Remove Roof during High Winds and Storms
Assembly Tools RecommendedStep Ladder, Socket Set, Pliers
ApplicationsSuitable for Outdoor Use, Including Gardens, Yards, Farms
WarrantyInformation Not Provided; Refer to Manufacturer
Availability36 in Stock
AccessoriesAnchor Kits for Various Surfaces Available for Purchase
Other Sizes Available- 2M x 3M x 2.2M  - 3M x 3M x 2.2M  - 4M x 3M x 2.36M

Why Choose BMP's Dog Run?

BMP's dog run is more than just a kennel; it's a multi-functional space for your pet to play, exercise, and relax. It's ideal for pet owners who want a durable, safe, and spacious outdoor solution.


BMP's dog run is an excellent investment for pet owners looking for a reliable outdoor space for their dogs. Its durable construction, ease of assembly, and spacious design make it a top choice for both private and commercial use.

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