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Dog kennel chain link - Safe & Sturdy Pet Enclosures


Product Description:

This versatile dog chain link kennel has multiple uses: playing, exercising, training, or keeping your dogs safe. It will be the perfect play paradise for your furry friends! This large dog kennel provides ample exercise space while the chain mesh helps prevent mischief and unexpected accidents while enabling ventilation. The dog kennel is made of galvanized steel. The included top canopy, made of 100% polyethylene, is fire-resistant and UV protected, protecting from sun, rain, snow and other weather conditions. Thanks to the lockable latch system, the hinged door swings outwards and ensures extra security and safety for your dogs. Assembly is straightforward. Delivery also includes one canopy top.

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Features dog chain link kennel

  • Easy to assemble, even one female finished all of installing work within 1 hour of time

  • 32 mm high quality hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes anti-corrosion yearly

  • The Special Lock design was conveniently and 100% safe

  • 60mm x 60mm x 2.30mm chain mesh design to avoid the dog hurt inside of a kennel

  • Special Design Door Latch and Tie Steel wire give extra Security

  • Arm Legs make the whole dog kennel easy to clean


  • Various specifications for small to large-sized dogs.

  • 1" ground clearance for better cleaning of flushing waste.

  • Available in black, brown and green.

  • Multiple kennels interlock.

  • All dog chain link kennel panels with a height or length of more than 8 ft. will be constructed with bracing.

  • Modular design saves installation time.

  • Custom sizes are available.


dog chain link kennel

1.wire dia: 2.3mm
2.mesh size: 60 x 60mm size: 32  x 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm
4.surface treatment: hot dip
5.package: carton

BM61056'H x 10'L x 5'W
BM60556'H x 6'L x 5'W
BM61376'H x 13'L x 7.5'W
BM61066'H x 10'L x 6'W
BM60646'H x 6'L x 4'W
BM60776'H x 7.5'L x 7.5'W
BM610106'H x 10'L x 10'W
BM60446'H x 4'L x 4'W
BM61556'H x 15'L x 5'W
BM41054'H x 10'L x 5'W
BM40554'H x 5'L x 5'W
BM40774'H x 7.5'L x 7.5'W
BM40787'H x 10'L x 5'W

Here are some of the applications and benefits of using a chain link dog kennel:

  1. Safe Confinement: A chain link kennel provides a secure area where dogs can be kept safely. This is especially useful for owners who do not have a fenced yard or who need a dedicated space for their dog to stay temporarily.

  2. Outdoor Exercise: These kennels allow dogs to spend time outdoors without the risk of them running away or getting into dangerous situations. It's a way for dogs to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while getting some exercise.

  3. Training Space: Trainers may use chain link kennels to create a controlled environment for obedience training or behavioral modification without indoor distractions.

  4. Boarding and Shelter: Kennels and animal shelters use chain link kennels extensively to house multiple dogs in a clean, ventilated, and controlled environment.

  5. Quarantine: In veterinary practices or shelters, they can be used to quarantine new or sick animals to prevent the spread of disease.





Chain link dog kennels are very useful. They are strong, easy to put together, and don't cost too much. People use them at home, in businesses, and when they work with animals. These kennels keep dogs safe and give them room to play outside. They are also good for training dogs and keeping them in one place when needed. If someone has a dog but no fence, a chain link kennel is a great way to make sure the dog doesn't run away or get into trouble. They are easy to clean and can change size or shape to fit different spaces. This makes them a top choice for keeping dogs.

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