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GPS-O Ring Nets: Robust Protection for Hazardous Areas


Product Description:

Facing the challenges of rockfalls and landslides? BMP has the answer with its GPS-O Ring Nets. These nets are engineered to provide superior protection in areas prone to natural hazards.


What Makes GPS-O Ring Nets Special?

  1. Strength and Flexibility: The GPS-O Ring Nets are made of high-quality steel. This material gives them the strength to stop falling rocks and debris. The flexibility of the nets means they can absorb the impact without breaking.

  2. Unique Ring Design: Each net consists of many small rings linked together. This design allows the net to cover uneven surfaces easily and provides comprehensive protection.

  3. Easy to Install: BMP designs these ring nets for easy setup. They can be installed on various terrains, making them perfect for mountains, slopes, and alongside roads.

  4. Durability: These nets are made to last. They resist rust and corrosion, meaning they can withstand harsh weather and last for years with minimal maintenance.

  5. Versatile Use: BMP's GPS-O Ring Nets are not just for stopping rocks. They are also useful in stabilizing slopes and preventing landslides. This makes them a great choice for many different environmental conditions.


Specifications GPS O Ring nets 

TypeEnergy Absorption Capacity (kJ)Ring Net SizeStrands of WireWire Diameter (mm)Ring Diameter (mm)Supporting Rope Diameter (mm)Distance between Posts (m)Min./Max. Barrier Height (m)Max. Deflection Distance (m)Usable Height Remaining in Impact Section
RXI-025250R5/3/3005330016 - 188 - 123/64.36>50% (Cat.A)
RXI-050500R7/3/30073350/30018 - 228 - 124/7.55.8>50% (Cat.A)
RXI-075750R7/3/30073350/30014 - 168 - 124/7.5<7>50% (Cat.A)
RXI-1001000R9/3/30093350/30016 - 188 - 125/98.15>50% (Cat.A)
RXI-1501500R12/3/30012330018 - 208 - 126/10.58.45>50% (Cat.A)
RXI-2002000R16/3/300163350/30018 - 228 - 125/98.15>50% (Cat.A)
RXI-3003000R16/3/300163300228 - 126/10.58.45>50% (Cat.A)

GPS-O ring nets are very strong nets that help stop rocks and dirt from falling down hills and hitting roads, buildings, or people. Here are some places where people use these nets:

  1. Mountains and Hills: People put these nets on the sides of mountains or hills. This helps catch any rocks that might fall and stop them from rolling down onto roads or houses below.

  2. Roads: You can see these nets near roads, especially in places where there are lots of rocks or steep cliffs. They protect cars and people from getting hit by falling rocks.

  3. Construction Sites: When people build tall buildings or dig into the ground, they use these nets to make sure rocks or earth don't fall and hurt anyone.

  4. Near Rivers or Beaches: Sometimes, these nets are used near rivers or beaches to stop landslides that can happen when water washes away the soil.

  5. Farms: Farmers use these nets to protect their land from getting covered by rocks or soil that might fall from nearby hills.

  6. Parks and Public Places: In parks or other places where people like to walk or play, these nets keep them safe from any falling debris.

So, GPS-O ring nets are like big, strong safety nets that catch falling rocks and soil to keep people and places safe.

Why Choose BMP’s RockFall netting 

BMP's commitment to safety and quality shines in the GPS-O Ring Nets. They are not just barriers; they are reliable, long-lasting solutions for areas at risk of rockfalls and landslides. With their blend of strength, adaptability, and durability, the GPS-O Ring Nets stand out as a leading choice for environmental protection.

For more information or to get a quote, contact BMP. Our team is ready to help you secure your area with the best in rockfall protection. Trust BMP’s GPS-O Ring Nets for peace of mind in the face of nature’s challenges.

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