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GPS2 Rockfall Netting: Effective Protection for Slopes and Roads


Product Description:

Rockfall is a constant threat to roads, slopes, and mountainous areas. Addressing this hazard, BMP presents its GPS2 Rockfall Netting, a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide maximum protection and long-lasting durability.





How to make gps2 rockfall netting

  1. Material Selection: The process starts by choosing strong materials. For the GPS2 netting, we use sturdy steel wire. This wire is tough and can last a long time, even in harsh weather.

  2. Wire Cutting and Twisting: The steel wire is cut into specific lengths. Then, it's twisted or woven to form two types of mesh: the chain link mesh and the wire rope net. The chain link mesh has smaller holes made with thinner wire, while the wire rope net has bigger squares made with thicker wire.

  3. Assembling the Layers: Next, we put the two types of mesh together. The chain link mesh goes on one side, and the wire rope net on the other. This double layer makes the netting really strong and good at stopping rocks.

  4. Adding Support Ropes: After the layers are together, we add support ropes. These ropes go along the edges and sometimes through the middle of the netting. They make the netting even stronger and help it hold its shape.

  5. Quality Check: Once the netting is assembled, it goes through a quality check. We make sure everything is put together well and that the netting is strong and without any flaws.

  6. Rolling and Packaging: Finally, the GPS2 Rockfall Netting is rolled up into big rolls. Each roll is quite long, so it can cover a big area. The rolls are then packed and are ready to be sent out

Key Features of GPS2 Rockfall Netting

  1. High Strength and Durability: The GPS2 netting from BMP uses an 8 mm steel wire rope, ensuring a robust structure capable of withstanding severe rockfall impacts. This material choice guarantees a long service life, reducing maintenance costs.

  2. Double Layered Protection: Unique to BMP's design, the GPS2 rockfall netting combines two layers – a chain link mesh and a wire rope net. The chain link mesh has a 2.2 mm wire diameter with 50 mm × 50 mm holes, adding an extra layer of defense against smaller debris.

  3. Customizable Support Ropes: The netting includes options for both horizontal and vertical supporting ropes. With a standard 12 mm diameter, and an option for a 16 mm diameter, these ropes add to the netting's stability and strength.

  4. Large Coverage Area: Each roll of GPS2 rockfall netting measures 2.25 m in width and 10.2 m in length, offering extensive coverage for various terrains.

  5. Easy Installation: BMP's rockfall netting is designed for straightforward installation. The wire rope anchor, crucial for securing the netting, is 16 mm in diameter and ranges from 2 m to 3 m in length, making it adaptable to different slope conditions.





Applications of GPS2 Rockfall Netting

BMP's GPS2 netting is ideal for protecting:

  • Mountainous roads and highways from falling rocks.

  • Slopes near residential areas or public facilities.

  • Vegetation areas prone to erosion or rockfall damage.

Why Choose BMP‘s Netting?

BMP’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in the GPS2 netting. It's not just a barrier; it's a durable, reliable solution that offers peace of mind in hazardous areas. With its blend of strength, flexibility, and coverage, the GPS2 netting stands out as a top choice for rockfall protection.

For more information or to request a quote, visit BMP's website or contact our expert team. Protect your assets and ensure safety with BMP's GPS2 Rockfall Netting – your first line of defense against rockfalls.






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