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Garrison Aluminum Fencing: The Perfect Combination


Product Description:

Garrison Aluminum Fencing: Secure Elegance for Your Space

Are you considering a fence that combines strength with style? Garrison Aluminum Fencing is the answer. This type of fence, often known as a picket fence or an ornamental fence, brings an upscale look without compromising on security. Whether you’re outlining a cozy garden, a school yard, or an industrial park, Garrison Aluminum Fencing fits perfectly.

Applications Garrison Aluminum Fencing

Garrison aluminum fencing stands out as a solid and stylish guard for many properties. It’s a popular choice for its durability and neat look. This fencing suits homes, schools, businesses, and parks, offering a reliable barrier that keeps kids and pets safe.

One of the best things about garrison aluminum fencing is how tough it is against weather. Come rain or shine, it stands strong without rusting or losing its color. You won't need to repaint or repair it often, which saves time and money.

Installing this fence is pretty straightforward. Once it’s up, you can forget about it because it doesn’t demand much care. This is a big plus for anyone who's busy but still wants their place to look sharp and stay secure.

For businesses, this fencing means serious security. It’s hard to climb over and strong against any attempts to cut through it. This peace of mind is priceless when you’ve got valuable stuff to protect. And because the fence is nice to look at, it adds to the curb appeal of your property.

Garrison Aluminum Fencing Specifications

Rail (mm)Picket (mm)Center Space (mm)Post (mm)Surface TreatmentHeight (mm)Length (mm)
32x32x1.016x16x1.011650x50x1.5Powder Coated10001800
32x32x1.219x19x1.012460x60x2.0Powder Coated12002000
32x32x1.525x25x1.013075x75x2.0Powder Coated14002300
38x25x1.016x16x0.811650x50x1.5Powder Coated15002400
38x25x1.219x19x0.812460x60x2.0Powder Coated18002400
38x25x1.525x25x0.813075x75x2.0Powder Coated20002500
40x40x1.016x16x1.011650x50x1.5Powder Coated21001800
40x40x1.219x19x1.012460x60x2.0Powder Coated24002000
40x40x1.525x25x1.013075x75x2.0Powder Coated10002300
45x45x1.016x16x0.811650x50x1.5Powder Coated12002400
45x45x1.219x19x0.812460x60x2.0Powder Coated14002400
45x45x1.525x25x0.813075x75x2.0Powder Coated15002500

Strength Meets Design Garrison Aluminum Fencing

Made from zinc steel or optional aluminum, the Garrison Aluminum Fencing panels are crafted for high performance. They come in various sizes to suit any project, offering a harmonious blend of durability and design. With posts that are solid yet stylish, your fence stands tall against both physical pressure and the tests of time.

A Touch of Aesthetic Appeal

Your fence should look as good as it protects. With a range of powder-coated finishes available, you can choose classic black, fresh green, or crisp white, among other colors. The sleek brackets ensure that each panel seamlessly connects to robust square posts, making for a continuous line of beauty around your property.

Garrison Aluminum Fencing Customized for You

Garrison Aluminum Fencing adapts to your needs. With standard sizes ranging from 1200mmx2400mm to 2100mmx2400mm and posts in various dimensions, you get a fence that’s tailored to your space. Not just in height and length, but also in the spacing and size of the pickets and rails—every detail works for you.

Simple Installation, Lasting Impact

This fence isn’t just about looks; it’s also designed for ease. The installation process is straightforward, thanks to the high-strength brackets and posts. Once set up, the powder coating takes care of the rest, keeping maintenance to a minimum while maximizing the fence’s lifespan.

Versatile Applications, Uncompromised Security

From homes to factories, pools to parks, Garrison Aluminum Fencing secures various premises. It’s a favorite for residential areas for its elegant appearance and for commercial settings for its sturdy build. This fence offers peace of mind, delineating your territory with a clear, but welcoming, line.

In short, when you choose Garrison Aluminum Fencing, you’re not just putting up a barrier; you’re investing in a long-term, attractive solution for your fencing needs. It’s security you can trust, and beauty you can enjoy, day in and day out.





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