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Garrison Fencing Panels: The Ultimate Security Solution


Product Description:

Garrison fence panels are great for businesses and places that need approval from the local government. These fences are made from strong welded steel or aluminum panels. They have a special design on top, like a sharp spear, which makes it really hard for people to climb over. You can get these fences in different heights, widths, and types, with options for how they look, including different colors or a special coating to prevent rust.

These tough fences are designed to keep intruders out. The sharp top of the fence is not only hard to climb over but also dangerous, which helps stop people from trying to get in or out without permission. The standard heights for these fences are 1800mm and 2100mm, but you can also get them in 1800mm, 2400mm, or custom sizes to fit between specific points. You can choose fences with 2, 3, or 4 rails, and they come with technology for different rail types and strong gates with durable hinges for a long-lasting fence that doesn’t need much upkeep. This type of fence, with its choice of colors, is the best choice for keeping commercial and industrial areas safe and looking good.

Layout drawing of Garrison Fence Panels


Specifications Garrison Fencing Panels

1. Material: pre-galvanized steel tube.
2. Assembly methodHercules Fencing vertical tube passing through the top and bottom rails and welding stainless steel or silicon bronze welding.
3. Finishing: powder-coated, with black cream, blue.
4. Package: in the pallet.
Custom produce is also available upon your request.


Garrison Fencing Panels Specifications

DimensionsUpright TubeRailsRails No.PostAccessories
120016×16×1.032×32×1.2Available 2, 3, 460×60×2.0, 80×80×2.0, etc.Cap ×1, Bracket ×4, Self Drilling Screw×16
150019×19×1.040×40×1.2Available 2, 3, 460×60×2.0, 80×80×2.0, etc.
180025×25×1.045×45×1.2Available 2, 3, 460×60×2.0, 80×80×2.0, etc.
210032×32×1.060×60×1.5Available 2, 3, 460×60×2.0, 80×80×2.0, etc.

Post Lengths for Garrison Fencing Panels

SizePost Length(without flange)


Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment.
Anti-oxidation and weather resistance.
Good impact resistance.
Dignified and generous.
Various colours are available.
Non-welding, assembly design.
Quick and easy installation.


Galvanized steel tubular garrison fencing panels are widely used as ornamental fences for industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, and municipal construction.

  • Airport & harbour fencing.

  • Residential allotment fencing.

  • School security fencing.

  • Station fencing.

  • Garden & lawn fencing.

  • Factory & hotel fencing.

  • Parking lot fencing.

  • Park & pool fencing.

  • Power station fencing.

  • Highway & railway roadside fence.

  • Supermarkets & entertainment venues fence.

  • Balcony protective fence.

  • Stairway guardrail.


Garrison fencing panels are strong and secure, making them an excellent choice for keeping places safe. They are made to stand up to tough conditions, ensuring that areas like schools, businesses, and homes are well protected. These panels are also designed to look good, adding a nice touch to the security they provide. Because they are durable, they last a long time, saving money in the long run. Installing garrison fencing is a smart move for anyone who wants to combine safety with style, making sure their property is both secure and appealing.





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