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Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence by BMP – Protection and Boundary


Product Description:

Heavy duty chain link fence, also known as diamond mesh fences or cyclone fences, are a robust and popular choice for various applications. Made by twisting steel wire together, these fences are available in galvanized steel wire or PVC coated steel wire, with the latter offering color customization options like dark green.


Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Specifications:

Opening (Inch)Mesh aperture (mm)Wire Gauge RangeLength of Roll (m)Width of Roll (m)
1"2518Ga-13Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
1.5"4016Ga-8Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
2"5018Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
2-1/4"5718Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
2-3/8"6018Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
2-1/2"6418Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
2-5/8"6718Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
3"7518Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5
4"10018Ga-7Ga0.5 - 100 (or more)0.5 - 5

PVC Coated Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence Specifications:

Opening (mm x mm)Wire Gauge (mm)Width (m)Length (m)
60 x 602.0/3.00.5 - 51.0 - 50
50 x 501.8/2.80.5 - 51.0 - 50
50 x 502.0/3.00.5 - 51.0 - 50

Features of Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized chain link fence, crafted from galvanized steel wire, is a top pick for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It's ideal for those who need a mix of visibility and security. Shorter fences are great for homes as they don't block views, while taller options offer more security for commercial areas. Despite its high quality, this type of fence is surprisingly affordable.


  1. Variety of Wire Gauges: You can choose from different wire thicknesses to suit your specific needs.

  2. Range of Heights: We offer a wide range of fence heights, suitable for both low-profile residential and high-security commercial uses.

  3. Easy and Flexible Installation: These fences are simple to install and can adapt to various terrains and spaces.

  4. Maintenance-Free: Once installed, they require little to no maintenance, saving you time and effort.

  5. Strong and Long-Lasting: Our heavy duty chain link fences are built to last, ensuring sturdy performance over time.

  6. Special Offers: We provide attractive discounts on large orders and run various promotional campaigns.

Applications of Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence

  1. Slope Vegetation Protection: It’s great for stabilizing soil and protecting vegetation on slopes.

  2. Temporary Fencing: This fence works well as a temporary barrier for various needs.

  3. Fencing for Animals: It’s suitable for poultry, livestock, and zoo animals, keeping them safe and contained.

  4. Boundary Definition: Perfect for marking boundaries around buildings, yards, or gardens.

  5. Sports Fields: Ideal for enclosing baseball, football fields, and tennis courts.

  6. High-Security Areas: It’s used in high-security areas to restrict unauthorized access.

  7. Industrial Safety: In industrial settings, it keeps workers safe by restricting access to hazardous areas.

  8. Zoo Mesh: It also serves as a safe and secure enclosure in zoos.

Chain Link Fence Edge and Mesh Sizes

Our galvanized fabric is available in mesh sizes ranging from 3/8" to 2", with heights from 36" to 144". For fences with a height of 60" or less, the edges are knuckled on both sides. For taller fences, one edge is knuckled and the other is twisted, providing additional strength. All our mesh sizes under 2" come with knuckled edges on both sides.


In conclusion, the Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence offered by BMP stands out as an exceptionally versatile, durable, and practical solution for a wide range of fencing needs. Whether it's for industrial security, residential boundary definition, sports fields, or animal containment, this fence meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Its ease of installation, minimal maintenance requirements, and superior resistance to environmental factors make it a smart choice for those seeking a reliable, long-lasting fencing solution. With its blend of visibility, security, and aesthetic appeal, the Heavy Duty Chain Link Fence is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone looking to invest in a fence that offers both protection and value.

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