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Hercules Fence Panels: Imposing Strength and Aesthetic Grace


Product Description:

Hercules Fence Panels are synonymous with top-tier security and aesthetic appeal. Manufactured to serve as more than just a physical barrier, they embody the essence of robustness and visual appeal, making them an ideal choice for safeguarding premises while enhancing their visual charm.


  • Sturdy Construction:Hercules Fence Panels Made with high-grade galvanized steel or aluminum, offering exceptional durability.

  • Elegant Design: Features such as 45° mitred tops provide a sophisticated finish.

  • Corrosion Resistance: With layers of protective coating, including powder coating, these panels resist rust and corrosion effectively.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

  • Ease of Installation: Designed for DIY assembly, saving on installation costs and time.

  • Customizable: Tailored to meet project-specific requirements for schools, commercial spaces, or home perimeters.

Hercules Fence Panels Applications:

  • Residential Properties: Enhance curb appeal while protecting the home boundary.

  • Commercial Spaces: Secure business premises without detracting from their professional image.

  • Educational Institutions:Offer safety for educational environments with a non-intimidating fence design.

  • Government Facilities: Meet stringent security measures with a fence that's tough and reliable.

  • Public Areas: Provide a safe and secure perimeter for parks, gardens, and community centers.

Hercules Fence Panels Specifications:

Hercules Fence Type A Specifications:

TypeHeightWidthRail SizePicketPost SizePost LengthFlange Option
Hercules - A9001800, 2000, 240032x32x1.016x16x0.850x50x1.21200120x120x4.0
Hercules - A9001800, 2000, 240032x32x1.216x16x1.060x60x1.51500150x150x5.0

Hercules Fence Type B Specifications:

TypeHeightWidthRail SizePicketPost SizePost LengthFlange Option
Hercules - B15002400, 2750, 300040x40x1.219x19x1.050x50x1.51900120x120x4.0
Hercules - B15002400, 2750, 300040x40x1.519x19x1.260x60x2.02300150x150x5.0
Hercules - B15002400, 2750, 300040x40x1.525x25x1.260x60x2.02400150x150x5.0

Hercules Fence Type C Specifications:

TypeHeightWidthRail SizePicketPost SizePost LengthFlange Option
Hercules - C18002400, 2750, 300045x45x2.025x25x1.560x60x2.02300120x120x5.0
Hercules - C18002400, 2750, 300045x45x2.525x25x2.080x80x3.02700150x150x6.0

Conclusion Hercules Fence Panels

Hercules Fence Panels not only provide a secure enclosure but also deliver an impressive architectural statement. As a leading manufacturer with recognition from prestigious projects like the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the Shanghai EXPO, our panels come with a promise of quality and a competitive price point. With advanced German technology ensuring product quality and a DIY-friendly assembly, Hercules Fence Panels are the go-to choice for durable, stylish, and easy-to-install fencing solutions. Choose Hercules for a fence that stands the test of time, both in strength and in style.

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